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Curriculum Vitae of Papadopoulos Jane

Date Event
3040-03-05 Papadopoulos contacts HOD on Parsig and is accepted as a new member.
3039-02-07 Papadopoulos starts to wander the Inner Sphere to find a job as \'Mech pilot, being disappointed by the FWL forces for not rescuing her from her captivity.
3039-02-05 Papadopoulos is going to be sold to a brothel on Hinckley in the FC but manages to escape while negotiations concerning her price are still going on.
3036-08-20 Papadopoulos is send with her unit into the periphery to fight a unit of pirates. The operation goes to hell in a handbasket, and she is taken prisoner by the pirates.
3036-06-30 Papadopoulos graduates as \'Mech Warrior and is assigend to the Fusiliers of Oriente, the 4th Brigade: Hope of Glory. She pilotes a Locust in a scout lance.
3030-04-01 Papadopoulos sees no future for her in the unit of fighter pilots due to the harrassments of her superior. She quits with the unit and starts in a Military Academy with the goal of becoming a \'Mech Warrior. She is assigned a lot of unnerving desk work, which she suspects to originate in her former superior knowing someone in the academy.
3029-05-30 Papadopoulos is supporting a Battle Mech attack in a minor border skirmish with House Steiner troops, when she disobeys a direct order from her superior to retreat. Her actions save a whole lance of \'Mechs though, and while she is rewarded, her superior is admonished. From this day on, he makes live a hell for her in the unit.
3027-07-01 Papadopoulos finishes High School and, not knowing which profession to take on, is lured into the FWL military by a recruter. After finishing the basic infantery training, where she emerges as being very accurate with rifles, she is trained as a conventional fighter pilot.
3021-07-01 Papadopoulos is send to a residential high school on Valil\'yevskiy in the FWL. There she is recognized as a very bright student.
3011-09-16 Papadopoulos is born as the only child of a couple of asteroid mine workers in the FWL. Her first years she spends in low gravity asteroid mining facilities.
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