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Seargeant Snow


Last Name Snow
First Name Doug
Rank Seargeant
Total XP 0
Call Sign HOD4

Confirmed Kills

# 'Mech Date Log
4 Dreadnought 2038-11-04 006.03 Dunero's Penitents
3 Rifleman 2038-11-04 006.03 Dunero's Penitents
2 Javelin 3038-07-03 005.03 Attack on Knol Island Military Base
1 Panther 3038-03-12 001.03 A Rough Time


# Designation Name Status
5 GHR-HOD2 Grashopper in use
4 GHR-HOD Grashopper modified
3 GHR-5H Grashopper modified
2 SHD-2HOD Shadow hawk abandoned
1 SHD-2H Shadow hawk modified
Status Key
destroyed - The 'Mech was destroyed during a battle (reactor exploded, center torso completely destroyed, etc.).
lost - The 'Mech was shut down during a battle, but could not be retrieved afterwards. Captured by the enemy.
abandoned - The character choose to use another 'Mech. ('Mech was either sold of held in reserve.)
modified - The 'Mech was modified and is listed with another model designation.
in use - The 'Mech is currently assigned to and used by the character.
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