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Logentry 001.03

A Rough Time

, , 3038-03-12

The second mission we were send on by the nice Hauptmann was into a wooded area. A LCAF unit had fought the mercenaries, but a Stalker commanded by the leader of the pirates escaped. When he was located we were send in.

As soon as we arrived we spotted a Panther besides the Stalker. I decided that we would all attack the Panther first with all weapons available to get rid of him as fast as possible. Unfortunately the Panther was quite resilent and it took us a while before hod4 finally shot the heavily damaged 'Mech down.

All the while the Stalker fired on our 'Mechs and we all had suffered quite some loss in armor plates before we all converged on him. It was a very close thing, with hod2's 'Mech loosing a leg, and all others quite some internal structur points as well as weapons, but finally I smashed the Stalkers cockpit with the fist of my Vindicator.

Fortunately, the Steiner Command ordered all our 'Mechs to be fully repaired, much to the annoyance of Hauptmann Stemmeisen. He told us that it was nothing special to get rid of a Panther and a Stalker for our lance, and that he could not understand why it took us so long and why we suffered so much damage in the process, and...

Leter we found out, that all the time we received our beating he was waiting nearby with his command lance, eager to get the kill of the heavy pirate 'Mech. Obviously we thwarted him.

Log Entry by Hptm Theobald von Stein, hod1

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