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Logentry 006.03

Dunero's Penitents

Galatea, , 2038-11-04

The lots were cast again, and our next adversary would be Dunero's Penitents.

What we found aout about this unit did not lift our spirits: Dunero's Penitents are more of a brigand unit than a mercenary unit. All members are religious fanatics which are convinced that the whole of mankind has to pay for... well, whatever evil they have done. "Calamity lurks, you must atone!"

It is rumoured that Dunero Masallo and his men prowl the streets, picking people at random and flogging them before forcing them to flog themselve.

Dunero has a reputation as en excellent 'Mech Warrior, especially at close quarters.

His unit can only be considered top notch, some people even assume that theis 'Mechs are equipped with Lostech.

In interviews before the fight Masello said that all members of HOD should repent, in the arena he would surely instill repentance in us.

From these comments and from the fact that both our units had attracted some attention, public interest in the fight was high. The quaotas were in favor of Masallo, but envertheles we placed a bet on our victory.

When we entered the arena with 285t of 'Mechs (Warhammer, Marauder, Grashopper, Blacknight) we faced 280t (Centurion, Rifleman, Dreadnought, Dreadnought).

In the first exchanges of fire, hod4's 'Mech lost all armor plates in his left and right torsi.

We concentrated our fire on Duneru's Dreadnought and dealt quite some damage to it. When the Centurion was near enough, hod7 and my self concentrated on him and together managed to destroy it's autocannon.

Things started to go awry when hod3's Marauder lost a leg. He managed to get up again, looking for targets. Dunero came back to finish him off, and in an exchange of fire both 'Mechs were destroyed: Dunero's right torso is destroyed (with the XL engine destroyed the 'Mech shut down) but at the same time the Marauder's center torso is destroyed as well.

Dunero immediately left his 'Mech, and scaled hod3's 'Mech with a knife between his teeth. Just seconds before he arrived at hod3's cockpit, hod3 ejects.

I received the attention of the Rifleman and the Centurion for some time, which finally toppled my Warhammer over. The Centurion mercilessly kicked at me. I remained lying, thereby keeping out of sight of the Rifleman and fired my lasers and the SRM on the Centurion. I hit its LRM ammo and the 'Mech exploded.

The explosion resulted in minor damage to the second Dreadnought and hod7's 'Mech received two engine hits. My left roso was destroyed in the blast of the explosion and I received a critical hit to my gyro.

With no arms left I had to stand up to fire any weapons. I did and even managed score three internal hits on the Dreadnought! ...which only managed to destroy heat sinks...

The pilot of the Dreadnought had more luck destroyed my center torso - which caused my beloved Warhammer to explode. I very luckily escaped, but landed near Dunero! Immediately he stopped running after hod3 and advanced towards me.

I jumped out of my seat, took my rifle and managed to get three shots off before he reached me - and missed with each! A second later I punched into unconsiousnes between appeals to repent!

hod4 continued to duel with the badly damaged Dreadnought, who easily dispatched our Blacknight, while the Rifleman had to move because hod4 hid behind the hills from him.

Finally, hod4 destroyed the right torso of the Dreadnought which exploded. hod3, who was near the 'Mech on his way out of the arena, jumped behind a barrier of rocks but was nonetheless seriously hurt through the blast.

Now, the only 'Mechs left were the Rifleman and the Grashopper. After he spend his last ammo of his AC10s, the Rifleman pilot only had two M-Laser (one in the right and one in the left torso) left. Retaining the initiative, hod4 kept moving into the rear arc of teh Rifleman, where he could not be targeted by the torso mounted lasers.

Dunero finally catched hod7 and also immediately knocked him unconsious. He then continued to bash him, as he definitely had to verkloppte him as he had to be purged!

hod4 finally destroyed on leg of the Rifleman who lay on the ground and was shot up by hod4, but my comrade did not manage to finish the enemy 'Mech of. Finally the Rifleman got up and into position to hit hod4 who had wisely turned his back towards the rifleman where he had most armor plates remaining. As a reslt, no serious damage was suffered.

In the end hod4 destroyed the second leg of the Rifelman and thus ended the fight.

We won 1,800,000.00 from our bet, received 250,000.00 for the victory, salvaged a Dreadnought and a Rifleman but had to suffer a lot for it.

hod3 and myself had to be attended for a week in hospital because of the ebating we received.

As our enemy was such a feared opponent, we were big on the news. We even had our own fan community who were beside themselves with joy.

Because of our popularity the torunament was interrupted for the time hod3 and myself were in the hospital. After this week we would surely still be bruised and battered but ready to resume fighting.

For hod7 we bought as a replacement for his destroyed Blacknight a Victor 9A1.

Log Entry by Hptm Theobald von Stein, hod1

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