Home of the Harbingers of Defeat Mercenary Unit Home of the Harbingers of Defeat Mercenary Unit

HOD's Base of Operations / Headquarter

HOD's base of operations is an old rented Warehouse Galatea, THE planet on which mercenaries are hired.

The building easily accomodates about 20 BattleMechs and provides everything needed for repair and maintenance works. There are frames to access the 'Mechs on every height level needed, the old crane (running on tracks below the ceiling) which used to transport goods now transports 'Mech limbs and weapons, and the shop allows for everything like cutting and welding etc.

Some space is reserved for vehicles, which at this time is a pick up used for small tranportation tasks.

Additionaly there are several store rooms on the ground floor where the supply, ammunition and spare parts of the unit are stocked.

On the first floor are enough rooms to provide every member of the unit with a private room to live in, an assembly room and office space.



For all the support personell, we provide quarters in an nearby abandoned hotel. The compound even has a yard which is big enough for some of the training sessions.

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