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'Mech Pool

Model 'Mech Name Assigned to Notes
CGR-HOD2 Charger HOD1 Primary Battlemech
WHM-7HOD Warhammer HOD1 Reserve 'Mech
MK III DNT-HOD Dreadnought HOD3 Previously used by Masallo d'Unero, one of the kings leading the "Legacy of Brothers".
III Rifleman HOD3 Primary Battlemech
ARC-5HOD Archer N / A Reserve 'Mech of HOD6
AXM-1HOD Axeman N / A Primary 'Mech of HOD5
EXT-4HOD Exterminator N / A Reserve 'Mech of HOD10
LOP Lash of purification N / A
WC-1 Wild crab N / A Reserve 'Mech of HOD8
WC-1 Wild crab N / A Reserve 'Mech of HOD9
VWR-7HOD Wolverine N / A Reserve 'Mech of HOD5
III Catapult HOD2 Primary Battlemech
LGB-7HOD Longbow HOD2 Reserve Battlemech
FLS-8HOD2 Flashman HOD4 Primary Battlemech (We were very "lucky" to reel that one in.)
BNC-5HOD3 Banshee HOD8 Primary Mech
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