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Motor Pool

Vehicle Name QTY Assigned to Notes
[10t] APC (Hover) 4 Infantry Group Used to get our infantry quickly from A to B.
[25t] All Terrain Truck ATT 5 Logistics Group
[30] Karnov UR Transport 2 Logistics Group Also used to in- / exfiltrate infantry squads during combat missions.
[5t] Ferret Light Scout VTOL 2 Scout Group, Aerial Used to in- / exfiltrate small infantry scout teams.
[25t] J Edgar Light Hover Tank 2 Scout Group, Motorized Making up the second vehicle of the motorized scout patrols, the J. Edgars support the Pegasus tanks.
[35t] Pegasus Scout Hovertank 2 Scout Group, Motorized Leading the motorized scout patrols and gathering intelligence with their sensors.
[5t] Savannah Master Hovercraft 2 Scout Group, Motorized These are the babies of our scout group. But they are really fast.
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