Home of the Harbingers of Defeat Mercenary Unit Home of the Harbingers of Defeat Mercenary Unit

Assignment of Personnel

Mech Warriors

Call Sign Rank Name
HOD1 von Stein Theobald Hptm
HOD2 Olson Frank Seargeant
HOD3 Takahara Yong-Chi Sergeant
HOD4 Snow Doug Seargeant
HOD7 Heinrich VII Baron v.Birqash
HOD8 Papadopoulos Jane Senior Corporal

Support Personell

Aero Transport Group

Our Aero Transport Group consists of an Union class Dropship and an escort of 2 Corsair Fighters.
We never could have afforded such a expensive vehicle, we exchanged it for a captive (see here).

Infantry Group

Foot Infantry equipped with rifles and machine guns. For commando style operations they also have access to SMGs, shotguns and the like.

Leader wanted!
27 Men (Regular)
[10t] APC (Hover)
Used to get our infantry quickly from A to B.

Logistics Group

These men are responsible for transporting equipment and spareparts to where they are needed.

[25t] All Terrain Truck ATT

[30] Karnov UR Transport
Also used to in- / exfiltrate infantry squads during combat missions.

Scout Group, Aerial

These are helicopter Pilots which scout for the unit from the air.

[5t] Ferret Light Scout VTOL
Used to in- / exfiltrate small infantry scout teams.

Scout Group, Motorized

This sub unit scouts for the unit in ground vehicles.

[25t] J Edgar Light Hover Tank
Making up the second vehicle of the motorized scout patrols, the J. Edgars support the Pegasus tanks.

[35t] Pegasus Scout Hovertank
Leading the motorized scout patrols and gathering intelligence with their sensors.

[5t] Savannah Master Hovercraft
These are the babies of our scout group. But they are really fast.

Security Group

The security personel is responsible for guarding the main base of the unit on Galatea, especially when the unit is away on missions.

1 Senior Corporal
2 Corporal
3 Private First Class
2 Private

Tech Group

The Techs are responsible for repairing and maintaining the equipment of the unit, mainly the 'Mechs.

1 Senior Battlemech-Tech (Veteran)
4 Battlemech-Tech (Regular)
10 Battlemech-AssTech (Green)
1 Fighter-Tech (Regular)
1 Fighter-Asstech (Regular)
4 Mech Repair Bays
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