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Logentry 008.01

Breathing Time on Galatea

Galatea, Federated Commonwealth, 3039-11-10

Back on Galatea HOD-3 replenished our stock of spare parts and ammunitions.
HOD-3 managed to find a 320 reactor with integrated double heat sinks for my Zeus. After our Techs have mofified my 'Mech with it, some more lasers can be mounted.
Additionally, we bought 2 Pegasus Scout Hover tanks, 1 replacement Ferret helicopter, 2 Karnov transport helicopters und 4 hover APCs for our infantry platoons.

With regard to my observations concerning Brian O'Kelly (he was very able to move a BattleMech, without ever having commanded one before - at elast he told us so) I asked for information regarding him and his career from Wolfs Dragoons.

On Galatea, there is an auction, the entry price is 50,000.00 C-Bills. Many participants are well known, Wolf's Dragoons, Kell Hounds, Gray Death Legion to name a few all sent participants.
A GRF 3-M Griffin was the first lot. It was a good 'Mech but we had no use for it.
The second lot was a WHM-7M Warhammer in which we had no interest as well.
ARC-5R Archer - we had interest in this 'Mech to replace the Archer hod6 used to this date. We won the auction at 7,000,000.00. The Old Archer was sold for 5,500,000.00.
ON1-M Orion - no interest.
AS7-S Atlas - no interest.
DRG5-K Grand Dragon - no interest
AXM-1N Axeman - HOD-5 had interst in this 'Mech as a replacement for the previously lost Axeman. We won the auction on this 'Mech for 15,000,000.00. To finance this, we sold our old Enforcer.
HTO-11K Hatamoto Chi - no interest

With replacements for lost personell and equipment, and some new pieces of hardware, we were now able to look for a new contract.

Log Entry by Sergeant Yong-Chi Takahara, hod3

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