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Logentry 012.01

Representative Mission

Sterling, Free Worlds League, 3041-06-08

Our new acquisitions made us eager to get engaged in battle again soon. So we sought for a profitable assignment, comprising both money and reputation. One the one hand we needed money for some additional reserve 'Mechs and on the other hand our costs of maintenance had meanwhile reached a level, where we cannot accept contracts with less money and long time.
After two weeks of research we had three options to choose from. The first one was an assault on a supply depot. Contracted by the Federated Commonwealth we had to take this run on Liao terrain in a medium-sized city. We were offered 10,000,000.- C-Notes and 15% of salvage rights.
The second contract was about a political kidnapping and was also in charge of the Federated Commonwealth. Two important Marik representatives should be the objectives and we were allured by 25,000,000.- C-Notes and all salvage we could obtain during the mission.
Marik offered the last one, as they had another mission against pirates in the Marian Hegemony, where we already depleted the Intruders from Hell nearly three years ago. But only 7,000,000.- C-Notes made us feel, that we did not need to consider it as a real option.

The decision about the remaining two proposals was not so easy. Some claimed that the engagement against Marik may not be the right fit for our unit and we did not get any more information unless we finally covenanted. A very close ballot was decided by one vote in favour of political interference. We contacted Loki and were welcomed by Lieutenant Bauer, who told us that they provided a dropship and we decided to take our own also with us, for the case we would get some salvage. Although it costed us 500,000.- C-notes per jump, this was a no-brainer. Only one salvaged 'Mech would give us more money back than we invested.

The briefing was held and we learned to know, that these two representatives would be in the capital of sterling soon, to give some lectures at the local college. It was emphasized, that they had to be kidnapped because killing them could have an even worse effect. They were known as two men pushing for Thomas Marik and there should be no possibility of martyrdom. Usually they were protected by two bodyguards each.
We asked for the sited units. Approximately one battalion was positioned around the planet and about one company in the capital. Most of the enemy 'Mechs were known as weak stuff, but the forces in the capital are above the planets standard.
We suggested to get the two objectives during their lecture and clean the way for us with our 'Mech forces. To keep a low profile we requested a friend or freighter identification for both drop ships and gave them two different goals on Sterling. Later the empty dropship would come to the capitals space port, too.

On our way to Sterling we had to use a pirate point, but no problems occured with it and it seemed, that Sterling government noticed no particularities on our arrival. Two days later the two representatives were welcomed at the space port and made their way directly to campus.
In these two days the sited company turned out to be a battalion, as alone close to the college were ten to twelve 'Mechs reported. So we altered our plans and set up a delusive assault on the company near to campus. Our infantry should get the kidnapping done while we would involve all enemy firepower in battle.

Log Entry by Sergeant Yong-Chi Takahara, hod3

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