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Galatea, Federated Commonwealth, 3042-05-24

Our last assignment was short and we had no appreciable damage to record, so we could jump on new offers very soon. This time there were three clients having different proposals - not counting garrison service.

Steiner was looking for some mercenary support against Marik for about three to six months. The payload of only 10.000.000,- c-notes and somewhat 20% salvage were in every aspect the lowest offers. On the other hand it would have been the shortest contract, but we had a unanimous decision against that assignment.
Universal Mine Corporation had a lot more to offer. They had tried to get us under contract a few years ago to accompany them on a mining expedition somewhere beyond the periphery. That was the case again and they offered us 30.000.000,- c-notes for a maximum length of 18 months service. That would have been no increase to the first mentioned contract, but they had the convincing argument of 75% salvage rights.
For a short time we took the last offer in account. The Taurian Concordat was in a state of civil war and the government needed help to put down the rebellion. They provided 20.000.000,- for a year of duty and 50% rights of salvage. That sounded quite well, but considered that there would be no high technology estimated, we passed on that one.

Universal Mine Corporation was glad to get us under contract, we chartered another Union dropship for the mission and installed our repair bays there. It took us four weeks of preparation regarding all aspects.
General Paulson introduced himself as the leader of that assignment and we could negotiate a higher payload of the contract. We turned the 30.000.000,- into a salary per year, so if it would last the whole 18 months we would get 150% of the original offer. Furhtermore we were announced 2% share of profit through the mineral resources. We tried to improve it to 4%, but failed.
After passing the Rim Collection General Paulson told us about our first goal, a planet where Liao forces had discovered a valuable amount of silver and tungsten. He was not quite sure if they would still be there, when we would arrive, but we ought to be prepared.
All seven jumps were successful and we had arrived in a double star system and the planet of choice was covered with jungle and oceans and had a gravity of 1,2g. One company of Liao Bettlemchs supported by several vehicles was reported. Universal Mine Corporation tried to bribe them with 50.000.000,- c-notes and after rejection increased the amount to 80.000.000,- but they adhered to their statement and seemed incorruptible. Shortly before our first engagement we got to know that intelligence service gave notice about a lance of Death Commandos on that planet because of the high amount of money that is linked to the mineral resources.

Log Entry by Sergeant Yong-Chi Takahara, hod3

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