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Logentry 009.01

Defend Parsig

Galatea, Federated Commonwealth, 3039-12-15

When we looked at available contracts, we were intereset in garrison duty on Parsig, in the Federated Commonwealth.
The planet was regularly raided by pirates. The planet produced a lot of high tech products as well as a lot of agricultural products.
After the last attack of the pirates, the planetary defences were extinguished and the planet was without any armed forces. Due to the war against the Draconis Combine still going on, the Federated Commonwealth Armed Forces were not available.
The details of this contract was: 50% salvage rights, 2,000,000 advance pament, transport costs were payed by the Parsig planetary government. We were to receive 4,000,000 after eight month. Should we be able to defeat the pirat unit, the contract would end immediately and we would receive an additional payment of 12,000,000.
Should we abandon our post we would have to pay 25,000,000.
The following information was available concerning the pirates: Asmodeans Dark Wave (insignia: black wave with two red eyes), 9-14 'Mechs, big infantry assets.

We bought anti-tank and anti-mech mines, which might come in handy when defending a planet, packed our gear, and started for Parsig.

Log Entry by Hptm Theobald von Stein, hod1

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