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Logentry 013.01

Two for twenty

Galatea, Federated Commonwealth, 3042-01-04

Our last assignment was some months ago, but eventually we had two new offers. Of course we had seized the days and whipped everything of our unit into shape. We also bought some gauss ammunition and a new reserve 'Mech for our missile master HOD-2 - a brand new Longbow with Artemis IV.

The first contract would have gotten us back to Marik. Steiner was searching for some mercenaries to guard a robbery on Sackville. About 180 tons of Beryllium had to be abstracted. It was estimated that a veteran battalion is based on the planet and that the company hired mercenaries on their own. Intelligence service was not very reliable, so we did not gather more information on that assignment. We should be paid with 20,000,000.- c-notes but favoured the other contract, described below.

On planet Muridox in the Capellan Confederation area was a research and development station to be destroyed. Furthermore we ought to loot everything important for a mass production of double heat sinks before wreaking havoc. It seemed to be the only research station of Capellan Confederation dealing with that task, so it would throw them years behind and that would play in favor for the Lyrans, who hired us.
On the planet were two battalions and we would get 10,000,000.- c-notes for getting the heat sink stuff and another 10,000,000.- c-notes for destroying the entire station.

Further negotiation got us 15% salvage rights - nearly twice the proposal - and 20% repair money. Before we left, we bought four mobile repair bays and took them with us. Our four helicopters, four hovers and the infantry came also with us. We deceived the Capellans as we landed in a Mammoth dropship on continent Kasing and bought tons of rice, something Muridox is famous for. The space port was far from the city, what gave us even more tactical advantage.

Log Entry by Sergeant Yong-Chi Takahara, hod3

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