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Logentry 007.01

Dawn of War

Altais, Draconis Combine, 3039-01-16

Returning to our Base from Tournament Battle on Galatea we were confronted with a marketing contract for energy drinks. It took us no time of consultation to reject this offer.

What made us really proud happened just a few days later. Tore Heimstad gave our unit twenty cases of wine and invited us to visit him at a time we can choose. This was the result of defeating his arch enemy Masallo d'Unero, the commander with the look to kill, what is something causing nightmares even many weeks later to those who met him face to face.

But that was not the end of all appraisal. Finally we were awarded the medal of the Federated Commonwealth Golden Sun for our mission at the StarLeague base. This was something special to all of us, as it happened in the name of Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner.

Searching for new missions got some secret information that war could be imminent. Other missions like pirate hunting, securing facilities for agricultural machines and - still left but upgraded in value - the bounty hunting of the famous white Marauder did not become our choice as the rumors concerning the war turned out to be true.

Both, Steiner and Kurita - despite their opinion about mercenaries - were hiring troops to improve their strength. We decided to put our services in the hands of the Lyran Commonwealth again and met Laura Sontowski as our contact.

After a little time of negotiation everything was put to a contract. For about a year we will support other 'Mech units in battles on planets of the Draconis Combine. We may have to deal with the worst case of no support, so it will be useful to have enough equipment with us. As a signing bonus we got 5.000.000,- C-Bills and another 18.000.000,- will be paid for being successful. There will not be any trading rights and salvage is limited to 10%. They will do 35% of repair and take care for the whole transport during that time. HOD will have to pay 5.000.000,- if it is defeated in a no-underdog situation.

Before taking off we got a survival training and some of us even courses in strategy. In february we left heading to the border of thy Lyran Commonwealth were also other units gathered.

Having arrived on Phalau we had a briefing together with the "MudWrestlers", the main forces of Gray Death Legion and three minor mercenary units, which we were grouped with to a batallion.

Commander in chief for the mission will be Captain General Blauman. It was a great pleasure to us, that for our commando well known Colonel Klaus Stemmeisen will be responsible. Our sixth sense tells us every time we meet him, that there will be an accident and we only have to figure out what it will be like.

As we try to get some information about Stemmeisen's dark history we get to know that ComStar has turned off HyperpulseGenerator transmission for the Lyran Commonwealth, so communication is getting more difficult.

Primary target in our first battle on Altais is to conquer the planet. The 1st and 2nd Ghost regiment - elite Draconis warriors - will be our enemy.

Log Entry by Sergeant Yong-Chi Takahara, hod3

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