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Logentry 012.02

Captured by the Moment

Sterling, Free Worlds League, 3041-08-06

We were set up with eight 'Mechs and could have splitted in two lances but decided to build three groups. HOD Leader mastered our fast strike group containing himself in his Charger, HOD-4 and HOD-10 in our new 'Mechs, the Flashman and Exterminator respectively. HOD-2 and HOD-3 made up the long-range force with their Mauler and Rifleman III, so HOD-7, HOD-8 and HOD-9 fielded the core unit of an Awesome a Banshee and HOD-4s former grasshopper.
Our first enemy contact were a light lance consisting of a Commando, a wasp and two fast Locusts. But before we got a shot at them a Victor, a Marauder, a Thunderbolt and a hundred ton 'Mech, the well-known Atlas appeared. Contemporaneous we sended our infantry, hovers and helicopters to fulfill the primary objective. The commander introduced himself as Gardi Krassmov and his unit as Fusiliers of Oriente, second brigade.
Surrender as you are lingering on Free Worlds League ground!

We will not surrender. We are attacking your base and we will not stop doing so.

You must be crazy. We will fight you back.

To complete enemy strength, a JaegerMech, an Orion, a Griffin, a Catapult and a Warhammer left the barracks.

When we drew nearer HOD-3 and the Marauder exchanged gauss ammunition, what led us to the conviction that it was a brand new model. Later it turned out to be not the only special 'Mech besides the Thunderbolt. The latter was equipped with an axe and tried to get into close combat with HOD-7.
Our convoy had arrived at its destination as Commander Krassmov turned the radio on again.
You dirty little Lyran lap dog. You are gonna die on Marik ground.

He accompanied his words by a double-strike of autocannon fire onto HOD-10. HOD Leader, HOD-4 and HOD-10 responded without any words, while HOD-2 and HOD-3 picked on the Marauder. HOD-8 laid down the Wasp, removing one of its legs and HOD-2 followed suit. The Marauder fell down and ground contact caused heavy damage on its gauss rifle, taking the whole 'Mech out of action. Enemy depletion continued as HOD Leader turning the Commando into a great fireball, what affected HOD-10s life support. After HOD-7 kicked one of the Locusts to the ground, the two light 'Mech pilots down ejected. He was still bothered by the Thunderbolt, but after he lost the axe it was not as fearsome as before. Though, the greatest damage was inflicted through its explosion following an alpha-strike by HOD-7.
It seemed at that point that it would be only a matter of time and if we would get the representatives out fast enough. Enemy resistance decreased further on, the Orion fell down and ejected considering his 'Mech useless after two engine hits and one gyro damage. The remaining Locusts pilot tenaciously stuck to his cockpit even though he muffed standing up and paid for that with a very nice kick by HOD-8, bursting the light 'Mech asunder. The harmless JaegerMech was taken out by HOD-3 alone and HOD Leader destroyed Commander Krassnows heavy weapon, the autocannon-20.
The next cooperation of HOD-2 and HOD-3 after the Marauder was taking out the Warhammer. He lost his leg due to gauss rifle fire by HOD-3, falling in front of HOD-2, who kicked him and finally shut himself down after taking to much damage in a failed stand. Meantime HOD Leader crushed the Victor and Krassnow ejected. Having lost their leader, Catapult and Griffin made their exit and the last remaining enemy 'Mech was a hundred-ton Atlas, with minor damage caused by HOD-2 and HOD-3. The Atlas tried to get out of battle, but headed unfortunately in direction of our convoy. The two representatives were kidnapped and on their way back to our drophsip. Now we had to be fast in taking him out or decoying. Only HOD-4 was able to do so and had nearly an undamaged 'Mech. He could have got support by HOD Leader and HOD-10 but did not need it. Three engine and three gyro hits left the Atlas crippled on Marik ground, right there where Commander Krassnow wanted us to be.

Our time on Sterling was running out as we got information about two battalions advancing. We could not salvage all 'Mechs and were limited to three of them. We chose the Marauder with ER PPCs and gauss rifle, the Warhammer with ER PPCs and the Victor with an XL 400 engine. Our infantry sustained twelve casualties during the fight at the facility, but all vehicles and 'Mechs were saved and we had our mission fulfilled. We departed from Sterling before the supplies arrived and headed home with the Lyrans.

Log Entry by Sergeant Yong-Chi Takahara, hod3

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