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Logentry 013.02

A sack of rice is falling down

Muridox, Capellan Confederation, 3042-03-08

Heading towards the station we approached an archipelago. One road connected the small islands as our extended lance featuring HOD Leader in his Charger, HOD-2 in the Mauler, HOD-3 in the Rifleman III, HOD-4 in the fast Flashman and HOD-8 in the battle-scarred Banshee. Our aerial scouts reported two light enemy 'Mechs - a Jenner and a Firestarter. They noticed that we were head and shoulders above them and tried to escape. We let our scouts continue in searching for more enemy 'Mechs because we were sure that there would be more firepower standing between us and the development station. Two Archers appeared and we were requested to turn back and even threatened with death penalty. We did not care about their words and were crazy about creating facts. One of the enemy 'Mechs helped us with that, as the Jenner fell down on the slippy road. Then we got to know what we were in for. A Cataphract, a Rifleman, an Ostsol, a Javelin and two spiders were just the beginning. Two unknown heavy 'Mechs and a Thunderhawk carrying three gauss rifles alone tried to make life hard for us.

HOD-8 had to be on the wrong track for a second and fell down after a short skid, but managed to get up easily. This was not naturally as one of the two Archers showed the whole battle long. His first contact with the ground seemed to be such a desirable experience that he fell down again immediately. HOD Leader and HOD-3 erased the first enemy 'Mech in teamwork. HOD Leader blasted one leg apart and HOD-3 put him over the edge. The Archer tasted dust again and managed to get up this time without trouble. The light enemy 'Mechs dropped one by one. A gauss rifle head shot by HOD-3 to one of the two Spiders was followed by an ammo-induced 'Mech explosion of the Javelin after heavy missile fire by HOD-2. Our leader took the Jenner out and joined HOD-4 and HOD-8 in the destruction of the Ostsol. It fell down after multiple hits and after HOD-3 got another lethal headshot at another Spider HOD Leader fulminated the Ostsol. This caused some damage to the Cataphract and HOD-2 used his chance to increase that damage bringing him to the ground. To his execution many contributed, at first the Cataphract himself, falling down again and HOD-3 made it not easier for him, damging his gyro. Two engine hits by HOD-4 took him out of battle.

Then it was time for the Harbinger of Defeat bag of tricks. The Thunderhawk tried to cross one of the bridges connecting the islands when HOD-3 put the idea across to cave that bridge in. HOD Leader and HOD-8 delivered what turned out to be a major advantage for the further fight. The damage to the bridge together with the mass of a hundred tons let it collapse and the Thunderhawk got wet. Even more important was, that it was out of battle for a short time. The shaky archer got hit by HOD Leader with nearly all he could shoot and HOD-8 caused a hip and a gyro damage to the Rifleman and it was the next 'Mech going to the ground. The yet more stable Archer joined after HOD-2 damaged the head and ripped one leg apart. After dealing with the unknown close combat 'Mech which featured triple strength myomers HOD-3 erased the other unknown Battlemech. We later got to know that it was called Plucker and was not a heavy 'Mech as estimated, but had a mass of 50 tons. He just needed one alpha strike to get him out because he fired all of his arm weapons into center torso leading to a reactor explosion. That caused multiple damage to the bridge, HOD Leader and the remaining unknown 'Mech called Street Fighter. Another triple strength punch was prevented by HOD-4 who destroyed the close combat 'Mech. The explosion party continued and HOD-3 was again the instigator. He showed the Rifleman what a Rifleman really is about and another time it lead to damage at HOD Leaders Charger and one Archer, which was just a few seconds later disrupted by HOD-8. This explosion caused the fall-happy Archer to get another time to the ground and he had to stay there because HOD Leader attracted all remaining enemy fire to put the Archer out of his shaky misery.

Suddenly standing all alone the Thunderhawk tried to evade through the water. He could not use the bridges anymore as all got some damage through the explosions and he could not afford another collapse. Liao forces put all they had to the battlefield. A Giant UrbanMech with exhaust pipes was their last hope. It was an experimental 'Mech with an internal combustion engine carrying a gauss rifle and an ER PPC. After HOD-3 very fast ripped the armor of one leg apart HOD Leader damaged the hip and it seemed to be a tradition for the enemy unit to fall down at least once per battle. We bought us some time with a tactical move by HOD-4 that hindered the Thunderhawk to get out of water for a short time, so HOD-3 could continue picking on the Giant UrbanMechs leg and knock him over once again. The pilot ejected after HOD-8 eliminated the Thunderhawk, what ended this engagement.

We captured both pilots but could not get useful information, so we wer on our own and gathered all data we found. Then we destroyed the development station sending Liao back to stoneage concerning mass production of double heat sinks.

Log Entry by Sergeant Yong-Chi Takahara, hod3

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