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Logentry 018.02

The Training Ground Incident

Galatea, Federated Commonwealth, 3044-06-10

We went on a live fire exercise this day. hod1 went with his Charger, hod2 piloted his Longbow, hod3 came along in his King Crab and hod8 in her Banshee.

We were on route to the training site, when all of a sudden upon leaving a pass, hod1 in the lead saw a Hermes, a Griffin, a Trebuchet and a Shadowhawk, which seemed to advance in our direction. The 'Mechs were on the radar for some time, but we also met other groups on the way.

This lance contacted us on the radio:
I am the brother of castigation and have a painful message for you: our cease-fire expired und you have forfeited your right to exist, this is the will of the order.

Oh, welcome, we did not capture one o yours and ransomed him for a dropship for a long time...

You obviously have not been on a steep learning curve, and now you will be extinguished!

Eight more 'Mechs were on the radar, which also seemed to converge on us as well. These consisted of a Panthera Leo Rex accoding to its IFF (an unknown model), an Archer, a Berserk Tiger and a Schasslahh.

hod1 radioed to hod7, who was already at the training site, to come back as fast as possible. hod7 was already on its way back as he finished setting up targets with the 'techs and would arrive soon in the area which suddenly turned into a battlefield.

hod3 wrecked the first enemy by disintegrating the head of the Trebuchet and igniting his ammo. The 'Mech went up in a huge ball of flame.

hod7 received an engine und medium laser critical hit from the Hermes. In return, hod7 destroyed the arm that housed the M-Laser that caused the damage on him. Additionally, the Hermes suffered a critical Gyro, fell to the ground and received another two critical hits on the Gyro.

The Griffin tried to stand up but fell down again suffering more damage. The pilot ejected.

The Berserk Tiger got a gyro hit from hod3, as the 'Mech seemed to heat up and had evil looking claws, this was good news as the machine seemed to be close combat heavy.

Panthera Le Rex finally caused our first casualty, and destroyed the Awsome of hod7 with a kick in his center torso. The 'Mech exploded and the Panthera alsoreceived some points of damage.

hod3 destroyed the Shadow Hawk.

The Berserk Tiger managed to hit hod3 with both his claws, each for 34 points of damage. Drawing three points of edge (critical hit on left torso with enough engine hits for shutdown, rerolled for head, rerolled for left torso again but without critical hits).
hod3 in return caused 20 points of damage including his kick, which destroyed a foot actuator. Combined with the gyro hit the Tiger already had, this seriously impeded his movement without falling down.

hod7, being the only to win the initiative this turn against the enemy, changed positions with hod1, who spent the last two turns in the back of the Giant Archer. While hod1 had diminished tha back armour of the Giant Archer and already inflicted a critical engine hit, hod7 now hit with two ppcs and a gaus rifle in the back zones, causing another 4 critical hits in total, shutting the 100t 'Mech down with two more engine hits.

hod8 suffered an upper leg actuator from the Panthera Leo Rex. The Berserk Tiger was systematically damaged from both hod3 and hod2, and finally fell down due to all the criticla hits he suffered.

hod8 took the Shasslahh out of the fight by shooting his head off. At the same time, the Shasslah also badly damaged hod8's 'Mech, including a gyro hit which made her fall down. As she only had two points internal structure left, she shut her 'Mech down and dismounted.

hod2 had the chance to finish off the Tiger with a kick, but the machine still lived.

The pilot of the Tiger dismounted and blew his 'Mech up.

Our infantry was called in in our helicopters, to take the enemy pilots prisoner.

Log Entry by Hptm Theobald von Stein, hod1

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