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Logentry 019.02

First Contact

Castor, Free Worlds League, 3044-07-24

After we landed on the planet, we advanced on the pirate HQ. First we had 6 contacts on our radars, then suddenly four more appeared on our flanks.

Hello, this is Paula, please leave you 'Mechs, we have good use for them.

We did not answer, which enraged her.

The enemy 'Mechs all had a light grey/light green camouflage scheme and a light blue shield with a claw, captioned with Paula's.
We faced a Warhammer, a Marauder, an Awesome, an Urban Mech, an Assassin, a Vindicator.
From our flanks came two hornets and a Flea and Mercury.

hod3 caused an engine hit on the Awesome.

Then, from the flanks, came a Blackjack and a Blablablanar as reinforcements for the pirates.

hod3 finished his business with the Awesome by shooting his head off.

The Flea pilot ejected after both his left and right torso were shot off and he only had a flamer left.

After the Blablablanar damaged hod7 badly with his AC20, hod3 shot his head off as well.

After the Vindicator received a lot of fire, finally HOD-7 made him explode.

The Hornet hod1 badly damaged in the woods had enough and ejected.

HOD-3 finished off the Assassin with a well placed Gauss shot.

hod7 killed the Mercury, which exploded. Shortly thereafter he finished off the Blackjack who was already worked on by hod1.

HOD-2 soon followed and finished the Warhammer.

At least, hod1 destroyed a Mech as well and destroyed the Marauder.

HOD-7 finished off the last Hornet while the rest converged on the Urban Mech.
hod1 used every weapon available, but left the enemy Mech with two internal structure points in center torso.
hod2 finished him off.

Our infantry descended in helicopters on the battlefield and took all enemy pilots we found prisoner. Among them was Paula.

Log Entry by Hptm Theobald von Stein, hod1

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