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Logentry 001.02

Baptism of Fire

, , 3038-03-10

The first time that HOD fought as a lance was the task of clearing a road connecting several small islands of the pirate menace.

Soon we spotted the enemy, which was present with a Crusader, a Blackjack and a Locust.

The Crusader, as the heaviest mech of our opposition, was our prime target and soon looked very battered. After hod4 relieved the crusader of his leg armor, the end for the enemy 'Mech came unexpected: hod2 charged him and shoved him from a cliff into the lake where he immediately sunk.

Soon after the Crusader was eliminated, I was in a fortunate position and managed to hit the Blackjack in his lightly armored back. I caused two critical engine hits which let to a shutdown of the machine. The enemy pilot ejected and tried to escaped, but was captured by hod4

Just at the moment of capture hod2 shot one leg from under the fleeing Locust and a Dropship flew overhead. From the dropship descended a Jenner on blazing jump jets. But as soon as he saw that all of his comrades were knocked off he also decided to flee. As he was faster than any of our 'Mechs we sent some shots after him, but did not severly damage the machine.

When hod2 had captured the pilot of the Locust, our first mission was over.

We were very happy with our performance but Hauptmann Stemmeisen disagreed, wondering why it took us so long, against such a weak opposition... we just ignored him and celebrated over some beers.

Log Entry by Hptm Theobald von Stein, hod1

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