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Logentry 006.02

Pauls Dragooner

Galatea, , 2038-11-01

Our first adversary in the tournament was 'Pauls Dragooner', a regular mercenary unit. It was rumoured that our chances were pretty good against this unit.

When we entered the arena with 285t of 'Mechs (Warhammer, Marauder, Grashopper, Blacknight), we faced 185t of 'Mechs, a Rifelman, an Urban 'Mech, a Phoenix Hawk and a Hunchback.

The Rifleman kept back and shot at us, while the other 'Mechs advanced towards us. We hardly moved and fired a lot. The first casuality was the enemy Urban 'Mech, whose head I blasted off. The pilot was able to eject in time.

Next, the Dragoons Phoenix Hawk was badly mauled but he still was able to fight on. We had only suffered sligth damage.

The Hunchback hunchback zeroed in on hod7's Blacknight and played pranks on him. He quickly severed the right leg with a critical hit, soon after the right arm of the Blacknight was shot off.

But as the balance of power was 2:1 in our favour (the Phoenix Hawk was only hold togehter by his paint job), Paul radioed me and asked to be allowed to retreat. I granted his request, and we were the winners.

In addition to 100,000.00 C-Bills trophy money we also owned a head-less Urban 'Mech.

Log Entry by Hptm Theobald von Stein, hod1

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