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Logentry 007.04

Lost on Altais

Altais, Draconis Combine, 3039-04-23

A few days after we destroyed two lances the enemy had detected our position. Our motorized scouts reported an assault lance heading towards us. Again it is HOD Leader, HOD-2, HOD-3 and HOD-7, who get their 'Mechs ready. Hodleader took the King Crab again and HOD-2 was very lucky with the Banshee during the last battle, so he decided to stick with it. Hod3 and HOD-7 entered their well-known 'Mechs, the Dreadnought and the Achilles.

Learning from the past all of us try to hide in the woods this time. The first enemy units were two J. Edgar Hover, which both could not detect one of our hidden units. Belonging to enemy scouts a Wasp follows them and not far behind an Atlas, a Shogun, a Victor, a Warhammer and finally a Battlemaster moves along. Hod7 engages in combat first, as he can fire a point blank shot at the Battlemaster, doing a lot of damage. Hodleader is close to HOD-7 and decides to leave the woods and fires at the Warhammer. Both autocannons hit the right side of the Warhammer and reduced the weaponry by half. The impact causes the 'Mech to fall down and we could not imagine to get a better start like this. Unfortunately HOD-2 and HOD-3 were about half a kilometer away from HOD-7, so he was under fire of three 'Mechs, the Battlemaster, the Atlas and the Shogun and it was inevitable to get out of that position very quickly. The Warhammer continued fighting against HOD Leader but struggled again. A kick by the King Crab caused him to fall down the second time. Seemingly ill-fated the collapse destroyed the 'Mech as ammunition exploded leading to a chain-reaction. The engine bursted, HOD Leaders 'Mech took a critical hit on his gyro and falls down.

Hod2 and HOD-3 were fighting against the Wasp and the Victor while HOD-7 is badly damaged and HOD Leader got hit two times in the head, both by minor weapons. Turning momentum upside down and back again HOD Leader took another headshot leaving him unconscious while HOD-2 hit the nearly undamaged Atlas at the left side causing another ammunition explosion. This allowed HOD-7 a short time for breathing as HOD-2 is now in close range to the Battlemaster and Shogun. Hod3 gave the Wasp and Victor a short shrift, damaging the gyro of the Wasp and removing the light-armored Victor by ammunition explosion before he could fire a shot with his feared autocannon. Hod2 showed HOD-7 of what a real freeloader is made of, as he took on the Battlemaster with the Gauss Rifle and two ER PPCs. The Gauss Rifle hit leads to another ammunition explosion but this one is protected by a cellular ammunition storage equipement preventing the 'Mech from being totally destroyed. But the ER PPCs did their best and put him over the edge. Hod7 could not hold back some insulting words to hod2 as he wanted to take this kill as his own.

On his way towards the remaining Shogun with the commander sitting in the cockpit, hod3 finishes the harmless Wasp. Because hod7 could move his 'Mech only very slowly the Shogun found himself in a two on one situation. Being aware of his chances fading, he decided to try to escape. Hod2 and hod3 pursue him and hod3 was the one, who got the first important hit, taking one jump jet out of order and slowing him down by damaging an upper leg actuator. Hod3 was even accountable for the next crucial damage, as he hit the gyro critically.
But just as mentioned before, hod2 is in a freeloader mood and wipes the Shogun out.

Finally the trip on our own is over because we could defeat all enemies in the surrounding area. We were picked up by allied drop ships and could repair all of our 'Mechs. As all of the powerful 'Mechs were destroyed by ammunition explosions there was nothing special salvage to mention.

Log Entry by Sergeant Yong-Chi Takahara, hod3

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