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Logentry 007.03


Altais, Draconis Combine, 3039-04-11

Our goal in the next mission on Altais was to cooperate with two other mercenary units in defeating an expanded battalion. Suddenly after our dropships had landed, alarm was raised. But it was not the enemy standing too close, the enemy stood within our own lines. It was a sabotage by elite ninja assassins that forced all dropships to explode within a couple of minutes. Because of the limited time to evacuate the dropship we had to carry some pilotless 'Mechs by two other. We had to leave behind some of our armor, ammunition and spare parts, as we could not get all equipment with us. While we sat back and wondered how this could happen an enormous explosion turned all dropships to dust. Besides two men of our infantry were missing.

Before we finally realized what was going on, we received a radio message reporting the enemy battalion in a distance of several kilometers supported by "MacLongs Revenge", a mercenary unit. This addition sounded strange, as the Draconis Combine considers mercenaries as dishonorable.
Standing with our backs now against the wall we had no choice but to hide the rest of our equipment. HOD-4, hod5 and hod6 found a suitable place five kilometers away, while our aerial scout unit reported a closer enemy than the expected battalion. Only two kilometers were left between us and a lance of light 'Mechs accompanied by two heavy and a medium 'Mech.

Hodleader, hod2, hod3 and hod7 decided to fight against them to give the rest of our unit time to hide. Hodleader tried to throw them off the scent by imitating a damaged leg on his King Crab. HOD-2, hod3 and hod4 were hidden in the woods and strategy envisioned to surround them if they take the decoy. But hod1 failed to show up a damaged 'Mech and the enemy smelled the rat, what left him surrounded by a bunch of light 'Mechs, and a lance of medium 'Mechs in striking distance. The time of dawn made it a little more difficult to hit, and as we recognized eight 'Mechs we abandoned the ambush and engaged in combat facing a Commando, a Jenner, a Wasp and a Mongoose standing around hod1s King Crab. A Dragon, a Grand Dragon, a Trebuchet and a Catapult completed the second lance.

HOD-3 tried to get hod1 out of turmoil and wrecked one leg of the Commando with an alpha strike. Hodleader took this opportunity and destroyed the fallen 'Mech. Only seconds later the next leg of a light 'Mech was gone. Hodleader hit the Jenner and could manage to get rid of the light 'Mech horde. Legs proved to be our favourite target, as hod2 fired his weapons at the Mongoose leaving it one-legged and as if it was not enough, he kicked the Wasp getting the same result. With all light 'Mechs prone the medium 'Mechs could not concentrate only on hod7, just as they had done until hod1 kicked the Jenner into pieces.

In a distance hod7 got an assault 'Mech on his screen coming closer. Taking this message as a signal to destroy the other five enemy 'Mechs as soon as possible, hod1 wrecked the Catapult as it jumped directly in front of him. HOD-3 knocked over the next 'Mech, but this time not by removing a leg. He threw another alpha strike at the Trebuchet and destroyed the right arm and his pilot could not control the unbalanced 'Mech. At that time the assault 'Mech arrived and Col. MacLong introduced himself by saying:
"All Steiner-Pigs gotta die!"
HOD-2 was unimpressed by his words and destroyed one 'Mech after another, first the Mongoose and then the Grand Dragon. HOD-3 got his next pair of 'Mechs, as he demolished the Dragon and took a crictical hit on the Trebuchets ammunition, which causes an explosion. Hodleaders King Crab was damaged by this explosion, leaving one autocannon useless for the remainder of the battle. HOD-2 finally clears the battlefield finishing the damaged Wasp and MacLong backs down as he recognized being outnumbered. So all we got to know about him was hating Steiner and that he is piloting a Marauder II.

Our scouts reported no more enemy units in close range, what gave us enough time to repair all armor of the 'Mechs involved in the fight.

Log Entry by Sergeant Yong-Chi Takahara, hod3

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