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Logentry 007.02

Banning Ghosts

Altais, Draconis Combine, 3039-03-26

Our first mission on Altais was to attamept a flanking attack on the 1st Ghost regiment. We were dropped near the MudWrestlers and had to face an extended assault lance, as Commander Stemmeisen told us. The extension contained another lance of heavy mechs accompanied by two tanks. The assault lance was lead by a cyclops. A captured Steiner-Banshee, a King Crab and an Awesome completed the number of 'Mechs we were expecting. They were supported by a Catapult, a Quickdraw, an Ostroc, a Hunchback, which later turned out to be a special version. Furthermore there were two tanks, an AC/2-Carrier and an Onthos assault tank. So we found ourselves twice outnumbered and knew their heavy firepower in close combat range would be a sudden death.

The Ghost warriors were rolling like a wall towards us and we used some hills for partial cover and threw everything we had against them. Our primary targets were the King Crab and the Banshee, which we considered the most dangerous enemies becuase the awesome was not so powerful like the one hod1 piloted some battles ago. The battle started very promising for us as hod1 hit the King Crab in the head and hod3 recorded a headshot at the Banshee damaging the sensors. The Banshee responded with an all-out-attack and got very hot, so shutdown was nearly inevitable. hod1 struck again and destroyed the head of the King Crab before one of the feared AC/20 did any damage. The immobile Banshee was an easy target for hod3, who melted the head with four medium lasers.

Suddenly the momentum changed as the Hunchback fired a pair of double-shot AC/20 on hod1, of which two hits caused heavy damage so hod1 had no choice and ejected. Revenge had not to wait to long and hod4 unloaded an alpha strike on the modified Hunchback causing the 'Mech to fall and kicked him laying on the ground. This action resulted in the loss of both AC/20 and the pilot had to surrender.

In between hod2 and hod3 tried to knock out the leader of the assault lance. As the torso carrying ammunition was heavily damaged the cluster shots of hod3's Dreadnought did their best and ripped the 'Mech apart.

HOD-2 and hod3 got a little damage by the explosion and some more hits cause hod2 to leave his 'Mech hoping his three remaining lancemates will destroy the tanks and four other enemy 'Mechs. hod7 caused to much damage on the Catapult, so another pilot left his 'Mech and hod4 recorded another successful strike as he destroyed the Quickdraw after he pushed him from a hill. hod3 tried to convince the pilot of the Awesome not to care about the "Path of the Dragon" and surrender before his remaining forces will be erased like the 'Mechs before. Taking this offer as an insult he left his position as long range weapon and tried to get in close combat and punish hod3 for his unacceptable words.

But before he can complete his mission of rage hod3 erased the third 'Mech in the battle as he destroys the gyro of the Ostroc. Facing hod7 the seemingly confused pilot of the Awesome ejected and the battle was finally won with three man standing.

HOD-4 searched for the Sho-Sa and captured him. The crew of the AC/2-Carrier was gone, but we could salvage five 'Mechs - a King Crab, a Banshee, an Awesome, a Hunchback and an Ostroc - and the two tanks.

At the battle of the MudWrestlers both sides started to retreat so we were the only ones being victorious on that day, what made Commander Stemmeisen very proud. Of course this was all and only because of his tactical knowledge...

Log Entry by Sergeant Yong-Chi Takahara, hod3

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