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Logentry 009.04

Finishing off the Pirates

Parsig, Federated Commonwealth, 3040-03-05

We withdraw from the field of battle back to our headquarter, where we repaired our 'Mechs and got ready to meet the next pirate attack.

The government congratulated us to our victory. From the planetary Intelligence Service we got information concerning two more assaults. An estimated force consisting of one company 'Mechs and several infantry and vehicle assets assaulted a small city, another unit raided a small factory. The factory had a guard of two company owned enforcers and the remnants of the planetary militia.

From these raids we got video tapes, and got some information concerning the 'Mechs and equipment used by the pirates. They had fairly standard equipment. Only one 'Mech, that attacked at night, we could not recognize. The 'Mech seemed to had two PPCs and a Gauss Rifle. When the lights finally went on on the video, hod3 recognized the model as a star league era Pillager. The pilot that came out of it seemed to be the commander of the pirates. On it's left shoulder, the man had a tatoo of a Griffin, Masallo Dunero had the same tattoo when he beat up hod3. We suspected that Asmodian was this man. The Intelligence Service told us of a rumour, that this tatoo shows the affilition to the legendary Legency of Brothers, a allegedly existing secret brotherhood in the Periphery. A 62 year old veteran told us in a bar, after we paid his beer, that in 3015 professor Ramirez, a local history / archology prof, knew the whole story concerning this brotherhood. If we want to know more about this topic we should try to contact him.

It was now that Jane Papadoupulos contacted us. She was on the planet looking for a job as 'Mech pilot, and when she heard of our succes against the pirats she asked if we had a job for her. She became HOD-8.

On the neighboring continent a large industrial complex is attacked by the pirates. Two Unions and one mule class dropship headed for that complex. We mounted as quickly as possible, and flew to that location.

When we arrived, the pirates were already in the factory complex, and had already started to load their dropships with looted stuff.

We initially faced a Sentinel, Derwish, Banshee, Trebuchet, Whitworth and Zeus. Later emerged a Von Luckner Tank and a Hunter Light Support Tank.

hod7 destroyed the Sentinel, which had been hammered by several of our 'Mechs before.
HOD-3 hits von luckner's ammunition, and the tank exploded.

Then a Griffin and a Warhammer arrived and joined the fight.

HOD-4 destroyed Zeus. hod4 destroyed Hunter. hod1 nearly destroyed the witworth, but the pilots ejects before the mech was destroyed.

A pirat Awesome came to support his comrades. He was accompagnied by a second Griffin.

hod8 hit the Dervish critically in the arm which caused the ammunition toexplode - which destroys the whole 'Mech.

HOD-3 finally finished the Banshee off, which exploded and dealt a good deal of damage to the Warhammer.

hod3 destroyed the Warhammer which exploded and dealt damage to the Dreadnaught.

The two Griffin finally managed to destroy my center torso, which made my Zeus explode. The explosion dealt a lot of damage to the Griffin, but unfortunately also to our Banshee. I managed to escape the explosion and ejected towards our drop ship where I was picked up by one of our infantry squads.

The two Griffin, which were also badly mauled, fled the field.

The Awesome received its second hit to the head, and the pilot fell
unconsious. HOD-4 took careful aim, and blasted its head off.

HOD-7 and hod8 took revenge for the lost 'Mech of their commander and annihalated the Griffin, which exploded in a big bang.

A Demolisher emerged from the woods, and opened up with his two ac/20. He hit hod2's 'Mech twice, and destroyed one of it's torsi. HOD-7 eliminated the crew of the new threat quickly though.

hod4 got a last shot a the fleeing Griffin, but only did some minor armor damage. The Griffin finally made it to escape.

We salvaged the Trebuchet from the field to sell it later.

We send our two helicopter to follow the fleeing Griffin, but the pilot shot down one of them.

We searched the field and captured three of the enemy pilots.

Back from the fight we looked for professor Ramirez, who told us the following concering the brotherood:
It dates back to the time of the Star League, where 11 kings were in charge of the brotherhood. Each of them was a master in a special field. Today, Amsodean is the brotherhoods master of the BattleMechs.
Marcello Dunero is onbe of the present kings as well, he mastered close combat techniques.
The Legacy thinks, that were its members appear, everything belongs to the Legacy. Its members belive in the right of the strong one, only the strongest have a chance to become one of the 11 kings.
Most of its members are rumoured not to be among the mentaly helthiest men alive.

Log Entry by Hptm Theobald von Stein, hod1

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