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Logentry 009.03


Parsig, Federated Commonwealth, 3040-03-05

Two Unions, one Leopard and two Maultierklasse Drop Ships came for the planet. They were identified as the Asmodeans Dark Wave Pirates. Finally, we had to earn our money.

We closely monitored the flight path of the Drop Ships, to be able to forecast their target. hod3 started to load our Drop Ships, so that we were able to react immediately to the threat as soon as we had pin pointed the point of attack.

3 hours before the enemy landed, we knew they headed for the factory of the myomer muscles.
Our infantry prepared mine filds on stratetig locations around the factory, while our Techs set up field repair stations around our drop ship where the artilley also set up.

The enemies came on with: 3 light 'Mechs, 2 assault, 1 heavy mech, all of unknown desing, as well as a Griffin and a Longbow.

We opened fire on the enemies with an indirect salvo of LRM fire from the catapult and the Archer which I spotted, but both salvoes missed.

The first casuality was hod2's right LRM launcher, which was destroyed by an critical hit from the Griffin.

HOD-5, who was hidden in a wood, emerged and moved behind the Griffin, readying her axe.

Hod2 and hod3 managed to cause three critical hits in the leg of the Marauder: upper, lower and foot actuator.

HOD-5 in her Axeman beheaded one of the Razor Fires with her axe.

hod2 caused two critical engine hits on the Marauder, causing severe heat problems for the 'Mech.

The Longbow caused two critical hits in my right arm, destroying the LRM and the upper arm actuator.

Hod2 fired at the tank adjacent to the Marauder and the unknown 'Mech, which prior to that fired 20 m-laser at hod2! The tank was gone in a mighty explosion! The Marauder in turn exploded as well, the unknown 'Mech fell to the ground heavily damaged.

HOD-3 destroyed one of the assault class enemy 'Mechs by destroying it's engine.

The pirates finally killed the Archer of hod6, which exploded. The explosion killes one of the fast enemy 'Mechs of unknown design.

I managed to kill one 'Mech of the same design with my 2 M-Lasers that warw mounted to the rear firing arc of my 'Mech. In it's death throw, I received my fourth hit to the head of the 'Mech. This concussion was to much for me, and I fell unconscious.

Through a tactically superb move, we pinned the heavy and heavily armed 'Mech by sourrounding him. In this hopeless situation, the 'Mech fired its complete hughe arsenal. This cost HOD-3 a lot of armor plates and two critical hits, but after that the enemy 'Mech shut down, completly overheated. The pilot ejected.

The Longbow destroyed the left torso of hod3's Dreadnought which shut down because he suffered three hits to it's XL engine. Simultaniously hod3 shut down the Lonhbow as well.

The lone surviving enemy Griffin sought it's luck in running away. He was pursuit by HOD-2 and HOD-4 but was to fast.

Our infantry and scout troops found two of the enemy pilots alive and two dead.

The planetary gouvernment informs us, that two smaller groups of the pirates raided smaller factories at other places, but the officials are very happy with the defence of this factory. Several of the planetary security advisors came to our location, to plan the next steps with us. After all, the pirates were still on the planet.

All the time, our Techs were busy working on our damaged 'Mechs. As my Zeus was heavily damaged (again), I deciced to use Banshee until we had enough time to repair it.

From the captured 'Mechs we kept the Longbow. hod2 decided to use this 'Mech in the next encounters, as his Catapult also only barely stood. As HOD-6's newly aquired Archer was completely lost, he took over the captured Fuzzy Launcher.

Log Entry by Hptm Theobald von Stein, hod1

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