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Logentry 009.05

Getting Asmodean

Parsig, Federated Commonwealth, 3040-03-06

The next day, the pirates attacked a large industrial complex that produced myomers.

When we arrived on the scene after the gouvernment alerted us, it was 2230 hours and dark.

Asmodean came alone in a Pillager

Asmodean quickly beheaded the Rifleman that belonged to the company security force. That was before even one of our 'Mechs was in range to engage the pirat.

We then chased him, while he constantly shot at us. It took not to long before my King Crab was nearly destroyed, and I shut down the 'Mech to not loose it. Asmodean had concentrated his fire all the time on my 'Mech - this put me out of the fight, but had soaked up a lot of damage so the other members of my force were able to close in largely unharmed.

After some more minutes of heavy fire, hod2 managed to shoot the left arm off the Pillager, with a lucky critical hit. At this point Asmodean tried frantically to escape, because his 'Mech had suffered a tremendous lot of damage to other parts as well.

But we were relentless.

We chased him and he managed to shut down HOD-7's 'Mech.

We gave further chase, but the end came quite unexpectedly: Asmodean tripped his 'Mech in a rough area, the 'Mech fell, the reactor was destroyed and we had won!
Asmodean managed to escape though.

The planetray govvernment was very happy and thanked us effusively, as all pirate drop ships left the system.

Our Loki liaison officer offered us a follow up contract: The attack of Asmodeans and the Legacy's homebase.

Log Entry by Hptm Theobald von Stein, hod1

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