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Logentry 014.02

What's mine is mine

Calerium, Periphery, 3042-07-15

Facing Liao again we fielded eight 'Mechs in this engagement, but grouped them not as usual into two lances but to speed squads. Squad alpha featured the fast 'Mechs, HOD Leaders Charger, HOD-4s Flashman and HOD-10s Victor with the 400-engine. Squad beta included the slow ones and only two as there were HOD-2s Mauler and HOD-3s Rifleman. Squad gamma contained the rest with HOD-7s Awesome, HOD-8s Banshee and HOD-9s Marauder. Commander of each squad were HOD Leader, HOD-3 and HOD-7.

We knew that about 16 'Mechs could appear against us, so not counting the vehicles we were outnumbered twice. Our first enemy contact was a lance comprising an Ostsol, a Rifleman, a Mercury and a Laohu Yuejin [老虎 跃进]. The latter was unknown to us and it looked like the Wild Crab we salvaged during the unsuccesful raid by d'Uneros Penitents on our base. Only heavier, as sensors reported a mass around 70 tons and the fact they entered the battle with a certain heat level augured badly.
As lance beta tried to get a good position for their heavy weapon fire support they got under support fire themselves. The Cappellan Fortress drop ship backed up with artillery. We threatened them with a triple drop ship attack by our two Unions and the Universal Excalibur. They were not caught by our bluff and continued their barrage. Before major damage was inflicted to any 'Mech a Wolverine and two tanks appeared, a Partisan and a Goblin. That did not shock us but the next 'Mech stood in another league. Another unknown Battlemech called Gausszilla looked like the rare Annihilator design but featured four gauss rifles instead of the autocannons and the lasers were exchanged into more armor. We later got to know that it was special armor that provided more protection against laser weapons as it reflected some of the energy. Before HOD-3 got under the hail of gauss ammo, HOD-4 nearly took the Wolverine out of battle as he recorded two engine hits and HOD-9 killed the Partisan tank. Although the damage from the Gausszilla was not as devastating as it could have been, lance gamma entirely hid behind a mountain to evade that menace. Meanwhile HOD-3 eliminated the Goblin tank, HOD-2 brought the Ostsol to the ground and HOD-4 followed his example and did the same to the Rifleman including a damage to its hip. Then the next Laohu Yuejin [老虎 跃进] jumped onto the battlefield and HOD-4 was the first one to notice it. This inspired HOD Leader to jump into the headquarter to see what would await us in progress of battle. Two tanks, a Behemoth and a Schreck were all he could find immediately.
As the Meercury got into the back of the Awesome, HOD-7 called for someone to take him out. He might have had it solved in a different way than HOD-3 did, as he unleashed his gauss rifles and large lasers to turn the Mercury into a blazing fireball. HOD-7s Awesome could afford the little damage by the explosion. Battlefield dwindled as lance beta struck again. HOD-2 demolished the Ostsol and HOD-3 showed the Rifleman that there is only one Rifleman worthy enough to carry this name. That was punctuated by HOD-3s fast destruction of the Behemoth.

Lance gamma and HOD-10 had the Gausszilla under fire and HOD-8 finally got the lethal hit, after it had lost already one gauss rifle. Elation lasted not very long on our side as a fresh Shadowhawk picked on HOD-10s Victor, that had already suffered through multiple gauss hits. After the Victors torso was removed it blasted apart. This was a painful loss because the design with the big engine was an extraordinary one we might never get again. But there were also positive events taking place. One Laohu Yuejin [老虎 跃进] lost one of its two claws through HOD-3s gauss rifles and even fell down. After HOD-3 continued his work in getting him out of battle, the Wolverine and Shadowhawk tried to take refuge. The second Laohu Yuejin [老虎 跃进] tried to get into close combat with HOD-2 but HOD-3 delivered again. This time it exploded, and if the first one had done that either we would not have noticed, that they had also a special armor, that was hardened in a special manner. The damage to HOD-2 by the explosion was not worth mentioning. The receding Wolverine was hunted down by HOD Leader, so only the Shadowhawk could escape. The Fortress dropship lifted off while we tried to take over the headquarters. We lost a half platoon of infantry and their commander was killed during that fight. All remaining enemy forces surrendered and were allowed to draw off.

Log Entry by Sergeant Yong-Chi Takahara, hod3

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