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Logentry 014.03

Keep Fishin'

Outpost 1534, Periphery, 3042-08-08

The mining corporation invited HOD Leader and HOD-4 to a conference on their flagship. Principal Leonard Hammond explained, that they belong to an organisation called Interstellar Expeditions and that they had already planned to jump far out to old starleague colonies, where bandits are up to no good and unknown threats will be encountered. He began swarming as he told about it and besides he mentioned that there will not be much Starleague equipment to gather, so we were wondering what he really was dreaming of.

Our goal was a planet called Outpost 1534, but we did not reach it the way we wanted. A warship, noticed by one of our supervisors - who was a Comstar member once - forced us to alight.
The enemy had no intention to negotiate, but called us inner sphere scum and other obscenities we did not understand. Their leader introduced himself as star captain Ralf Kalasa of the Diamond Sharks and threatened us by giving us the perspective of slavery - only if we were useful for it.
HOD Leader responded:
You're really sloshed, aren't you?

Ralf Kalasa:
Get out here, freebirth. I want to have an enemy to fight against and not someone to sacrifice. You better should surrender now.

HOD Leader:
Well, then I propose we will disarm and demount our 'Mechs.

Ralf Kalasa:
I see, you are aware of your dismal situation. We will control your capitulation.

We used all our primary 'Mechs fielding HOD Leader's Charger, HOD-2's Mauler, HOD-3's Rifleman III, HOD-4's Flashman, HOD-7's Awesome, HOD-8's Banshee and HOD-9's Marauder.
It seemed as if Ralf Kalasa really did not want to fight against us. He had sent star commander Jane Hammond to get rid of us and she also tried to convince us, that we would better surrender immediately.
But that was beyond question. Our enemy appeared as an extended lance with five unknown 'Mechs, although some looked like improved chassis. They called themselves Omega Galaxy Bloodscent and contained of a Hussar IIIC-Shark, a Jenner IIIC-Shark, a Lancelot IIIC-Shark, a Stinger IIIC-Shark and a Madcat Shark. Our sensors showed us, that the last 'Mech had a mass of approximately 55 tons.

Our first target was the Jenner, but it survived an alph-strike by HOD-3 and HOD-4. It did not last very long until we got to know that there was more than Kalasa waiting, if we would not capitulate. Two bigger 'Mechs, a Longbow IIIC-Shark und a Catapult IIIC-Shark appeared and introduced themselves as Mr. and Mrs. Missile. The Longbow featured six LRM-20 and the Catapult four LRM-15 and it seemed that they managed to install this firepower without changing the engine. This got us scared and HOD-2 was lucky, that he was only hit by one of the Longbows salvoes. The Madcat was more successful and threw HOD Leader to the ground with its weapons. Kalasa slowly realized, that we were not giving in and sent a JaegerMech IIIC-Shark to finally take us out. It was HOD Leader, who could notice the first headshot for our mercenary unit, hitting the Madcat. Unfortunately this was not enough to get her out of battle. The Madcat was not the only enemy 'Mech damaging its head, as the Longbow fell down caused by heavy fire of HOD-2. The Madcat lost one arm after HOD-8 joined HOD Leader in targeting this 'Mech and HOD Leader contributed with two engine hits. Meanwhile, HOD-7 recorded the first kill with a cockpit demount of the Catapult, but paid for it with losing more than eight tons of armor, a damaged engine and a very hot 'Mech. The next kill came by HOD-3 who eliminated the Lancelot.

Now it came even worse. Kalasa complained, that the freebirths were still there and that he had to do all by himself. We could not figure out, if he was in the Gladiator or in the Daishi, but that did not matter to us because these two 'Mechs combined firepower and agility in a way we had not seen before. Maybe HOD Leader did not recognize this in the fury of battle and called Kalasas attention to the fact that he had lost already two 'Mechs while we were still at full strength. He even questioned who was going to be the scum, but Kalasa found no response. He knew that he had some 'Mechs waiting and a Puma (Prime) was the next one, that engaged in combat after HOD Leader forced the Hussar to the ground and kicked him. The JaegerMech found its sudden death by HOD-8, who destroyed it. HOD-4 had caused an ammunition explosion, but case prevented heavy damage. The JaegerMech exploded because HOD-2 also fired at him simultaneously.
We felt like fighting against the ancient hydra, where two heads popped up after one was detached. This time it was a Thor (Shark) and a Loki (Prime) that wanted to devour us. While HOD Leader put the Hussar over the edge, HOD-2, HOD-4 and HOD-8 all tried to bring the Daishi down, bearing in mind that this was a fifty percent chance to get Kalasa. Thenn it was double time for HOD-3 who shot the Puma down and caused two engine hits and concomitant he kicked the Jenner to the ground forcing two engine hits, too. Our first loss was HOD-2. The Daishi recorded three engine hits against his Mauler, which was only wreckage. All but three plates of armor were torn apart. We got little revenge by HOD-4's hit to the Daishis head. Our enemy called their last two 'Mechs available, a Vulture (Prime) and a Dasher (D). Good and bad happened as HOD-3 destroyed the Puma, but was hit by a ER PPC in the head and so the Rifleman III was lost for this battle. The enemy gained momentum by HOD-7s unfortunate punch to the Stinger, which exploded and in a chain reaction his own 'Mech exploded also and this lead to a final shutdown of HOD Leader. After HOD-8 and HOD-9 fell down by heavy fire, HOD-4 was our last man standing.
HOD Leader, HOD-2, HOD-3 and HOD-7 were taken by our helicopters to their reserve 'Mechs and HOD-8 and HOD-9 followed soon. In exchange HOD-8 and the Madcat destroyed their 'Mechs. The madcat even exploded and HOD-9 did nearly the same to the Jenner. The Jenner disrupted HOD-9's 'Mech and this explosion triggered another one to the Jenner. Standing all alone HOD-4 decided wisely to save the Flashman and escaped heading into the direction our reserve 'Mechs would appear. This manoeuvre succeeded.

Our first reserve lance was led by HOD Leader in the Warhammer. HOD-2 in our Longbow, HOD-3 in his well-known Dreadnought and HOD-7 in an identical Awesome tried to get the best out of this hard battle. HOD-8 followed in the Exterminator that was usually assigned to HOD-10 and HOD-5 piloted the axeman. HOD-9 had several minor wounds, so she stayed at the dropship instead of HOD-5.
It was HOD-3 who opened fire with a headshot to the Vulture and threw with his next action a successful alpha-strike at the Gladiator. The pilot of the Gladiator showed his skills with his response. He eliminated the by then undamaged Longbow of HOD-2. This forced HOD-2 to get another reserve 'Mech and the only noteworthy damage by his Longbow was an ammunition explosion in the Daishis right torso, that was also protected by case. The enemy Longbow was still standing and HOD-5 changed this with an autocannon-20 blow. The enemy was predominant, not only by their weaponry but also by their abilities. The Thor caused the second Awesome of HOD-7 to explode with aimed shots at one torso. This explosion damaged both sides. On our side it was the Warhammer and Axeman and on their side it was the Daishi and the Longbow, which lost five LRMs. To get the tarnished Daishi finally out of battle HOD-8 sacrificed her exterminator. She brought the Daishi to the ground and by hitting the craggy soil it exploded taking the Exterminator with him, due to too much damage to the head. After HOD Leader lost both arms he decided to get another reserve 'Mech because he had only one medium laser left. Meanwhile HOD-3 doubled his kills during this battle, as he first destroyed the Longbow and completed his work at the Vulture, taking this 'Mech out of combat, too. The devastasting blows by HOD-5's autocannon continued, so the Loki suffered two engine hits. Then it was easy for HOD-4 to blast the Loki with his Grasshopper into pieces.

Our third and last wave consisted of everything we had. HOD-7 piloted one of the two Wild Crabs again, HOD Leader had to get used to missile weapons in our Archer, HOD-8 took the Wolverine, HOD-10 the other Wild Crab and HOD-2 inaugurated the Lash of Purification Land-Air 'Mech. As he was not used to LAMs, he decided to use it just like a normal Battlemech. At this point, we outnumbered them for the first time, so they tried to get more distance between them and us because their weapons seemed to match ours regarding range and damage. Before he could get very far, HOD-3 damaged the Thors hip.
Finally Kalasas last seconds had come. He exchanged heavy fire with HOD-3, who was calculating the loss of his 'Mech by stepping in front of his friends. But none of the two 'Mechs was destroyed directly. The Gladiator lost the arm with the three large pulse lasers and the torso, where it was attached. The loss of heat sinks combined with two engine hits lead to a heat increase forcing shutdown and ammunition explosion of the machine guns. The 'Mech did not explode, but Kalasa ejected. The Dreadnought of HOD-3 suffered also two engine hits, but he could override the shutdown sequence. The fast but punishing Dasher was chased by HOD-7 and he could tear the head off with one of the claws. So there was only the damaged Thor left and our sensors showed us a growing heat level. We reasoned he had turned off his heat sinks, so the 'Mech would explode. HOD Leader tried everything to stop that, as he desperately wanted to salvage this chassis. He was successful in destroying the 'Mech before it reached the critical level, but the missiles forced an explosion of the Thor.

The dropship of the Diamond Sharks scooted soon after that and we could salvage a lot of unknown technology. Four 'Mechs, the Dasher, the Vulture, the Catapult and the Gladiator and some weapons were ours. Though we found out that the Gladiator and Vulture were damaged too much to be repaired during that mission, the Dasher and Catapult were ready for action with only little effort.

Log Entry by Sergeant Yong-Chi Takahara, hod3

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