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Logentry 014.04

Pirates beyond the Peripherean

Hephatius 2, Periphery, 3042-11-01

It did not last long after the last engagement, until we wanted to benefit from our victory. We examined the salvaged weapons carefully and our techs could not identify it as starleague era weponry, but told us that there were similarities. They came to the conclusion that it was about improved starleague technology, although they could not explain, why someone out here could afford the necessary research and manufacture to produce it. However, we built two large pulse lasers instead of large lasers into the Charger and Flashman each, swapped an ER PPC of the Banshee for a new one and did the same to the Rifleman with one ER large laser and the two medium ones. On Outpost 1534 the mining corporation erected a base for mineral clearance.

Next stop was Hephatius 2, a planet where unknown material was assumed.
By the way the mining corporation told something about an old starleague era complex and we were not quite sure if that was not their primary target. Furthermore their could be unseen animals. We were also told that the area around the planet is controlled by the empire, a group of pirates, led by the famous emperor. We dropped near the old starleague complex and universal mine corporation constructed their headquarter, which we should protect. Our scouts did that what they could do best and combed through the region.

We recognized at least one dropship heading towards our base and seconds later Colonel Bladerius transmitted a message:
You reside on the territory of the empire and we are glad to see, that you want to place all we have put here at our disposal.

HOD Leader and the Colonel shortly discussed it, although it was in no way meant seriously by HOD Leader. Finally HOD Leader purported capitulation and that we only had a strenght of one lance. We found ourselves encircled as two union dropships advanced, one in the north and one in the south of our headquarter. Maybe they did not believe in HOD Leader's fake of having only four 'Mechs.

HOD Leader had his improved Charger, HOD-2 got the brand new Catapult with four LRM-15, HOD-3 the slightly improved Rifleman III, HOD-4 piloted the Flashman, which was also altered, HOD-7 had lost both Awesome so the Mauler was assigned to him because HOD-2 found no use for it sitting in the best 'Mech we ever had. Our unit was completed by HOD-8 in the upgraded Banshee, by HOD-9 in the Warhammer, the reserve 'Mech of our leader and by HOD-10 back in the Exterminator again. This made us counting two lances instead of one.
Our first wave of enemy 'Mechs featured only light and medium 'Mechs: a Firestarter, a Whitworth, a Valkyrie, a Javelin, a Mercury, a Locust, a Stinger, a Commando, a Hatchetman, a Wasp, a Wolverine, a Shadowhawk and a Trebuchet. It began badly for the pirates just from the start. They lost their first 'Mech before they reached the ground, as HOD-3 hit the Wasp directly into the head. HOD Leader and HOD-4 picked on the Shadowhawk, HOD-7 damaged the Whitworth, HOD-2, HOD-9 and HOD-10 welcomed the Wolverine and HOD-8 detached one leg of the Commando, what made its pilot eject, rendering this 'Mech harmless. But the pirates were still very self-confident.
This is Colonel Bladerius of the empires Death Guard and we will annihilate you all.

The death guard featuered as device a skean-pierced skull and HOD Leader shortly answered.
In your face?!

It continued to work great for us when HOD-3 destroyed the Whitworth by ammunition explosion and HOD-7 blasted the Locust to the ground. They got a little support by a hover tank, that had a mass around 50 tons and really many missile muzzles. HOD-3 damaged the Wolverines hip and HOD-9 put both the Wolverine and the Locust over the edge. Then it was double time for HOD-3 again. With his left arm he annihilated the Valkyrie and with his right arm he destroyed the Javelin. Nearly going triple he kicked the mercury leg and torso apart. After HOD-4 blasted the Shadowhawk into pieces, twelve new 'Mechs and one hover advanced. They were all heavy or assault 'Mechs and divided in four 'Mechs and the hover coming from the north and the other eight coming from south. We could clear the field from the first wave because HOD-8 kicked the Stinger to explosion, the Mercurys and Firestarters pilots ejected, HOD-9 eliminated the Trebuchet and HOD Leader forced the Hatchetman to the ground and the impact caused its explosion.

Now this mission changed for us from party to battle. From the north a Banshee, a Stalker, one identical missile hover and two Victors came towards us. The enemy was completed by the 'Mechs coming from the south, an Archer, a Crusader, a JaegerMech, an altered Orion, a Awesome featuring four PPCs, a Rhinoceros and two Warhammers of which one was an improved design.
HOD Leader, HOD-3 and HOD-4 tried to stop the northern attack while the rest tried to stand against the 'Mechs coming from the south, so that HOD Leader, HOD-3 and HOD-4 will support them after clearing the danger of encirclement. We feared the autocannons of the two Victors and knew that the 'Mech has a vulnerable design relating armor and ammunition protection. HOD Leader and HOD-3 made an engine hit to each Victor, causing a shutdown after a failed double shot, so we had one nearly out of combat. The other ones autocannon got destroyed by HOD-3 and HOD-4 spreaded his weapon fire over both Victors.
At the southern battlefield HOD-7 was targeted by many enemys, who played the "one for all - and all on one" rule. The standard Warhammer got blasted to the ground by HOD-9 and HOD-10 crushed the immobile hover. Because the Victors were harmless HOD-4 already was sent to the south where he destroyed the Crusader. HOD Leader took the immobile Victor out of battle and HOD-3 got a lucky hit against the undamaged Stalker, as he ripped its head apart with his new ER large laser. With his new Catapult HOD-2 forced the explosion of the Banshee, so that it was a face-to-face battle. The explosion caused damage to the JaegerMech and a little to the Warhammer. HOD Leader got another engine hit against the harmless Victor and HOD-2 ripped it apart as it stood directly in front of him, getting damage through the explosion himself. Then it was pirates time. The altered Warhammer - we assumed Colonel Bladerius piloting it - shut HOD-10's 'Mech down, and now it was seven 'Mechs against seven and a hover. The Archer removed one arm of HOD-3's Rifleman III because its gauss rifle exploded. Although he already got some damage to the head he kept his consciousness. But we had to bear another loss as HOD-9 was taken out of battle by the spitfire-hover. She got little revenge by destroying the hover concurrently. HOD-7 had transmitted that his 'Mech would not last this battle and had a chance to back out. He exchanged his Mauler for the Longbow, which was actually assigned to defend our base. For a short time we were shorthanded again. The standard Warhammer lost a ppc caused by pulse laser blasts of HOD Leader and HOD-4 managed to get in the back of the Awesome and forced it to the ground. The elimination of the nearly disfunctional JaegerMech by HOD Leader made it evenly matched. HOD-4 continued its stride and let the altered Warhammer kiss the dust. He himself remained standing, although being hit by four ppcs of the Awesome, what could be assumed as his way of yelling revenge. The Orion featured an autocannon-20 and about ten medium lasers and HOD-2 did a good job as he removed one arm with a kick, that carried four lasers, before he could do major damage with it. HOD-4 seemed to get into concept fighting. After he had picked on the Awesome and altered Warhammer forcing them both to the ground, he now hit one by one with a large pulse laser into the head. The Awesome did not get major damage by this, but the Warhammer received little damage to its life support. This was not the only damage, as HOD-2 removed both legs with his missiles, so another enemy was beaten. Our assumption, that it was Colonel Bladerius was confirmed. The Awesome followed soon, as HOD Leader hit the already damaged head.
The imperial Death Guard was reduced to the Orion, a damaged Warhammer and the Rhinoceros, while we still had six of eight pilots, although all 'Mechs had lost tons of armor. But they did not resign after their leader was gone. We used our advantage and encircled the Orion and all but HOD-7 got out of the Rhinoceros sight. HOD-8 destroyed the autocannon-20 and HOD-3 kicked the Orion into a great ball of fire. This lead to damage for HOD-2, HOD-3 and HOD-8. HOD-8 got shut down by the damage and HOD-3 lost his second gauss rifle. The neural feedback of the weapon explosion caused him to lose consciousness. HOD-7 absorbed the gauss rifles of the Rhinoceros and kept his focus on the Warhammer because he knew that the Rhinoceros would be the next victim of encirclement by his mercenary mates. As soon as he had finished the Warhammer, the Rhinoceros pilot was aware of his futile situation and surrendered.

Log Entry by Sergeant Yong-Chi Takahara, hod3

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