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Logentry 005.02

Arrival On Leximon

Leximon, Marian Hegemony, 2038-07-02

We were fetched with a Union class dropship, two other mercenary companies that were hired in Galatea were fetched with an Overlord at the same time.

Kommandant Hauptmann Jan-Peter Bloch, our liasion-officer brought us to Khonkaen. On the jumppoint of the planet the whole force staged met for the final jump into the periphery.

Leutnant General Thomas greeted us and the briefing started.

Latest intelligence reports counted about 50 'Mechs more than the first reports. Within the Intruders there is a Davion Spy, who will defect to our forces at the first opportunity.

As soon as we would enter the Marian Hegemony military operations would begin in earnest. With full force we would establish bridge heads and start operations from there. The mercenary forces were assigned with vital tasks in the capture of the bridge heads.

No fire on civilians were allowed where avoidable. Marian Hegemony military units must not to be engaged. Only when they were to open fire we were allowed to return it. Due to political reasons it was stressed that the behaviour of our RCT in cities had to be exemplary and that the local laws had to be observed.

Our first mission that was given to us by Kommandant Hauptmann Jan-Peter Bloch was to secure a military base on the isle of Knol (called, conveniently, Knoll Island Military Base). A drop ship was to land us on a sand bank several kilometers off shore. We were supported with a platton of infantry and our Techs, all loaded in amphibious vehicles. As soon as the enemy forced were dislodged they would land and secure the base.

Intelligence information on military units on Knol Island showed two to three light 'Mech lances. Among them was MIO5 agent 'Pete' Xaviar Shandler with his Crusader 'Mech which was expected to join sides as soon as he made contact with us. The code phrase to recognize him is 'Baumhaus', the correct answer is 'Ubootantenne'.

After we seized the military base we were told to hold the base for two to three weeks. In dire need of support units from the 2nd Batallion ('Mechs and vehicles) could be summoned.

I assigned myself (Warhammer), hod3 (Flashman) and hod4 (Shadow Hawk) to the task. The rest of HOD was needed to guard parts of the main bridgehead, which every mercenary unit had to assign some 'Mechs to.

Log Entry by Hptm Theobald von Stein, hod1

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