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Logentry 005.07

Counter Attack In Force

Leximon, Marian Hegemony, 2038-07-09

Just as our Techs finished to equip my Warhammer, hod2s Catapult and hod3s Flashman with the new experimental internal structure, one of the infanterist on guard informed us, that a Dropship came down about 10 clicks away and 'Mechs were on their way to our base. We all mounted up and waited for the 12 blips on our radar to come near.

When they were near enough, we recognized a black Jenner, Victor, Charger, Stalker, a golden Warhammer (the Mortal Bash of Major Ben "Black Corsair" Pergamon), Cicada, two Firestarter and some unknown 'Mechs. As we learned later these were two Furious Ticks and an Imperial Archer.

The company was supported by a (also unknown to us) Baneblade heavy Tank.

Except Mortal Bash, who had a shiny golden coating, all enemies were painted in a muddy camouflage scheme of black, brown and dark green. All displayed a skull with an hour glass on a red background - we faced 'Mechs of the third Batallion of the Intruders.

As we expected, the enemies used the bridge to advance on our base. On both ends of the bridge we placed mines, and the Cicada detonated one, the tank two.

On our side was me in m Warhammer, hod2 in his Catapult, hod3 in his Flashman, hod4 in the captured Crocket, hod7 in the Axeman we found, Pete in his Crusader as well as the Killer Pinguins (Thunderbolt, Blackjack, Wyvern and Hermes II).

Major Pergamon told us over the radio:

"This is major Pergamon, 3rd batallion of the Intruders From Hell. Enemy unit, we ask you to surrender the base back to us. It is clear, that we will dislodge you anyway, so you can save us time and effort and yourself pain."

"This is 1st Lt von Stein of the Harbingers of Defeat, please keep the radio frequency clear for important messages."

"Von Stein, shut your 'Mech down or we will do it for you!"

"Oh come on, you sorry lot announced that twice already, this time it will not happen as well!"


While the 'Mechs were to far apart to shot at each other, our Long Toms started to bombard the advancing enemy but most shots went wide and did no damage.

The first shot that was fired by 'Mechs was the PPC of the Cicada, which hit hod4s Crocket in the Head! Luckily he did not pass out from the impact and heat. The other enemy 'Mechs followed the example of the Cicada and also zeroed in on our heaviest 'Mech. One LRM hit the head again, but no real damage was suffered by either pilot or equipment in the head.

We concentrated our fire on both the Baneblade Tank (which could deal a lot of damage with his PPC and four ac5s) and the enemy Commander, Major Ben "Black Corsair" Pergamon in his shiny Warhammer.

On our left side the Furious Ticks and Firestarters tried to flank us. The Furious Trick in the forefront was targeted by Captain Jason Fisher in his Thunderbolt and his lance mate in the Wyvern. A lucky shot of the Wyvern caused a several critical hits in the otherwise undamaged leg of the 'Mech, and the Furious Trick fell to the ground with only one leg remaining.

Finally, the artillery managed to land a direct hit on the Baneblade at the same time damaging the Stalker in his backarmour that was i nthe secondary blast of the Long Tom rounds.

All the while Black Corsair's Warhammer received a tremendous ammount of attention and decided to retreat behind a nearby hill, having more holes than armor plates left.

Our next main target became the stalker. hod3 hit it with a large laser in the center torso, causing a critical hit on the engine of the enemy mech.

The light mechs on our left flank closed in, set the Thunderbolt on fire with an inferno rocket and sourrounded my Warhammer. We concentrated our fire on one 'Mech at a time and soon one Firestarter could hardly stand anymore. The Firestarters set my Warhammer on fire as well with their inferno rockets, and managed to topple my machine.

The Imperial Archer, with it's massive array of four LRM20, as well as the Charger with his four L-Lasers continued to bombard Pete in his Crusader and hod3.

As the Crocket and the Catapult suffered a tremendous amount of damage and it became clear that they soon would unusable, the Techs were ordered to start up the Shadowhawk and the Ostroc. The infantry came over with two jeeps to fetch the pilots as soon as they decided to abandon their mechs.

My Warhammer unleashed on one of the Firestarter, destroyed its leg and dealt another good deal of damage to it. In return it was angulfed by more inferno rockets and stood there as a walking torch. Tt got quite hot inside my cockpit...

With all the light 'Mechs on our left flank eliminated (except one Firestarter and one Furious Tick which ran into the base, unfortunately missing the mines placed at the entrance) my Warhammer started for the lake to extinguish the fire burning on him. On the way he exchanged PPC-fire with the enemy Warhammer who also suffered from the secondary blast radius of on of our pre-planned Long Tom fire spots.

hod3 destroyed one leg of the Stalker and nearly severed it's remaining arm. The Thunerbolt of Captain Fisher then brought the SRM-ammo to explode with a salvo oh his LRM10.

The pilot of the downed Furious Tick had enough end ejected. The Firestarter followed me down the hill and shot me in the back. In return hod7 shot at him, missed with his large laser but hit with his SRM4 which penetrated the center torso, causing a critical gyro hit which resulted in the Firestarter falling to the ground.

The Victor and the Black Jenner of the Void (who had a jump tornister on his back) jumped into the compund and hit the Pinguin Blackhawk in the back with M-Lasers, SRM rockets and a long burst of the ac20 - which resulted in the blackjack loosing his left torso, left arm and received two critical engine hits. In return, the Axeman of hod7 let loose with his ac20 and ripped the left arm from the Victor.

I continued my way towards the luring cool waters of the lakes and the enemy commander. On the way I finally destroyed the enemy baneblade.

hod2 shot his laser array at the Furious Tick that had sneaked into the base and tumbled it. With his rear laser he severed the cicadas left arm.

The blackjack hit the Victor with his two remaining lasers and nearly got his SRM4 ammo to explode. With his engine badly damaged and several heat sinks lost he build ap to much damage and the machinge shut down.

Pete saved the day by igniting the ac20 munition of the Victor which ripped the enemy 'Mech apart.

The Warhammer and the Firestarter closed in on me and shot at me which only cost me armor plates. I in return missed the Warhammer with a PPC but hit the Firestarter with a SRM6 and a kick.

In the base the Axeman on hod7 suffered a critical hit in his lower leg actuator from the Trick but hit it in return with his ac20 in the center torso damagin the engine twice before smashing the enemy left arm with his fist. The Wyvern finally gave the badly damaged 'Mech the rest.

The Void's Jenner hit hod3's Flashman with his 4 SRM racks but in return was hit by an L-Laser and an M-Laser before being punched in his legs. In his right torso he suffered damage to the internal structure but no critical hit was suffered. In revenge, the Jenner in return kicked hod3 in his head.

The Void was targeted by the Blackjack, the Axeman and the Wyvern, the fussilade blew its center torso away. The 'Mech did not explode, and The Void ejected. I ordered our infantry assets to take The Void prisoner.

Next we sourrounded the Cicada. With no way to flee the pilot ejected. Another Infantry squad was orderd to capture him.

With only four 'Mechs left, the enemy started to withdraw - but we gave relentless chase.

The Artillery finally landed a direct hit on the Warhammer which destroyed one PPC.

I continued to give chase to the Firestarter, while the rest of my and Captain Fischer's men engaged the remaining three enemy 'Mechs which turned and confronted us.

From the direction of the enemy DropShip two light helicopters arrived.

I offered Pergamon over radio to treat him and his men good when they gave up. I received no answer.

The pilot of the Firestarter immediately regreted it, when I destroyed it's center torso.

The pilots of the Imperial Archer and the Charger ejected and where picked up by the helicopters, Pergamon exited it's 'Mech using a ladder. A big surprise came to hod4 when the Imperial Archer blew up, it's pilot obviously did not wanted his 'Mech to fall into our hands. Fortunately he was not to near and only suffered slight damage.

Log Entry by Hptm Theobald von Stein, hod1

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