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Logentry 005.10

Behind Enemy Lines

Leximon, Marian Hegemony, 2038-07-17

After we were dropped we moved towards the enemy command lance which I could monitor on my secondary screen which showd the images from the satellite uplink. The enemy lance consisted of Zamir's Atlas, an Imperial Archer, Awesome, Battlemaster and CingCrab. All assault class 'Mechs.

We moved to good firing positions with all the slower of our 'Mechs on our right flank while our 'Mechs equipped with jump jets tried to get into a good position on our left flank to move into the back of the enemies.

When I crossed the river in front of me, I immedeately noticed that I was piloting a 'Mech I was not used to and fell into the water.

The enemy Imperial Archer and Zamir in his Atlas opened fire on our Crocket while the Intruders advanced towars us.

As soon as Zamir was in range I opened up with my four PPCs (three of them hitting!), supported by fire from and . This fussilade was to much and the Atlas was thrown to the ground.

HOD-2 started to clear the woods in our line of sight.

The enemy mechs stormed towards our position. When they were close enough to our left flank, jumped behind the enemies, ignored all except Zamir and to join our bombardment of the Atlas.

As the Atlas already had suffered a tremendous lot of damage it started to retreat. , and ran through / jumped over the enemy 'Mechs and gave chase to Zamir while firing everything they had on him.

The enemy Awesome was targeted by , , and me. We landed enough hits in its center torso to damage a lot of internal structure after ripping its armor apart. The same fate was suffered by the left leg where we destroyed the hip and foot actuator.

The Atlas was mercilessly targeted by our mechs and started to run away, but we did not let him escape.

HOD-4 was heavily hit in the back by several of the enemy 'Mechs, which cost him heatsinks, a M-Laser and a jump jet.

HOD-7, who had moved forward because the Atlas was out of range of his large lasers, finally finished the badly mauled Awesome off by destroying its center torso.

HOD-2 unleashed everything he had on the king crab. He managed to penetrate the armor of the 'Mech and destroyed the life support systems with his PPCs. With his SRM6 he managed to smash the head and destroy the mech.

Our joy was shortlived though. Simultaniously the pilot of the King Crab made a double shot with one of his ac20 and a normal shot with its other. This destroyed the Warhammer of . He just made it to eject before his 'Mech exploded. On landing he only received a grazling wound.

The explosion of the 'Mech thrilled my Awesome. It cost me several tons of armor plates but luckily no other damage was done. The Crocket of was also engulfed in the blast, which caused a hit on his gyro and one on his engine.

The Imperial Archer was in a very good position and hit with his four LRM20 racks. This cost the 'Mech most of its armour and several internal hits but luckily this did not cost him any equipment.

We, loosing more and more fighting substance, tried to finish the Atlas off, and of course everbody wanted to be the one who could claim the kill. shot at the atlas but missed it. hit the atlas and destroyed a M-Laser in the center torso. I destroyed its arm and took away all its armor on the right torso. destroyed the ac20 of the Atlas, while I hit it with 3 PPCs and destroyed more internal structure points. hit the atlas in the front armor of the center torso - but as this was the first time the center torso was hit from the front this only cost him armour.

The other 'Mechs of the Intruders received few attention from us and raked us with more rockets and laser beams. The Imperial Archer managed to destroyed the hip of 's mech.

Finally, I hit the Atlas' head and blasted it away! My second PPC destroyed the left torso and the rest of the damage caused two critical hits in the center torso. This in turn caused the Atlas to explode.

HOD-3 bore the brunt of the explosion and his 'Mech was destroyed when he lost his right and left torso which housed part of the XL engine.

The blast of this explosion engulfed 's 'Mech. He already suffered damage from the exploding Atlas, but the second explosion was just to much. His 'Mech was destroyed but did not explode itself.

Both pilots ejected and made it to place a safe distance away. Helicopters started to arrive to fetch out ejected pilots.

HOD-5's 'Mech did receive damage from the explosion of HOD-3 and HOD-4's 'Mechs but this only destroyed some armor plates.

The Imperial Archer shot another broadside of LRM20 on HOD-7's charger. This fussilade destroyed the 'Mech in a huge explosion. Luckily, HOD-7 ejected in time.

The Battlemaster picked up Zamir and ran away as fast as possible. Me and HOD-5 attacked the Imperial Archer, whose pilot gave up after he used up his last rockets - which destroyed the Axeman.

As all our pilots were fetched by the helicopters, I returned to our drop ship as fast as possible.

Log Entry by Hptm Theobald von Stein, hod1

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