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Logentry 005.04

Defense Of Knoll Island Military Base

Leximon, Marian Hegemony, 2038-07-07

On the third day of our garrison duty we were attacked. We faced a Rifleman, Charger, Crocket and a black Jenner...

The enemy lance was commanded by Fernando Gaucho in the Crocket, who introduced himself and then very arrogantly demanded our surrender as we would not stand a chance against him and his men. After I told him that I was 1st Leutnant von Stein and explained him that Cole also underestimated our abilities, he mocked us and started to call me Kieselstein (pebble). Time would show who was better...

The enemies spread up, the Jenner and the Charger advanced on our right flank, the Rifleman and the Crocket on our left.

I duelled with the Rifleman and the Crocket and dealt good damage with my PPCs but was in return hit several times with laser and autocannon fire in the right torso - which cost me all the armor plates there in no time and destroyed my SRM-6 lancher. Therefore I ordered our Techs to start up the captured Ostroc - just in case.

When the Jenner and the Charger stopped behind a hill to wait for the Crocket and the Riflemen to advance on the other flank, Pete, HOD-3 and HOD-4 sallied forth from our perimeter and attacked the enemy 'Mechs. The Jenner slipped through my men and so the Charger was targeted by a multitude of weapons - but only three hit him.

The Jenner first attacked my 'Mech with 4 M-Laser and 4 SRM-4 (a very nasty version of the 'Mech it was that The Void steered) and then the Catapult. My men came bach as quick as possible to engange the Jenner.

When the The Void attacked the Catapult I had a good draw on him and managed to hit him with one PPC - in the head! That send cheers up from my men while The Void hurried to get behind some cover.

The next target of the Jenner was my 'Mech again, which cost me my right torso. But seconds before that happened I twisted my torso, spread out my arms and shot my PPCs in opposite firections. One hit the Jenner, the other hitting the Crocket - which, as it was hit at the same time from a rocket salvo from HOD-2's Catapult, fell down.

As the Jenner once again ran into cover, Gaucho in his Crocket cintinued to be our target, my Warhammer, HOD-2 with his missile array, the Crusader with all his weapon arsenal and HOD-4 all zeroed in on him. This cost the Crocket a lot of armor plates but otherwise nothing happened.

My PPC again hit the Jenner when it came out of cover to let loose another broadside, this time I severed the previously damaged arm. But in return my 'Mech was again raked with fire, which resultet in an engine and a gyro hit. This was my sign to head back towards the hangar and change to the already startet up Ostroc.

As the Charger came up to where the fighting happened, HOD-3 managed to get into his back and let loose with all his weapons before and kicking at the heavy enemy 'Mech. He damaged the gyro of the 'Mech through the light back armor and the upper leg actuator.

When the Charger charged (pun intended) towards us, he slipped on the pavement and fell. On my way to the hangar I stopped beside it and shot all of my weapons (which consisted of only one M-Laser und one PPC) and severed his leg. HOD-4 then continued to pump shots into the 'Mech and also heavily damaged it - and then, to add insult to injury, kicked it in its belly.

The Crocket again received fire from the Crusader and the Catapult but the fire again could not penetrate the armor. The Crocket in return did not cause any damage.

More shots were pumped into the Charger, and finally the pilot ejected.

The Jenner suffered some more hits but no armor pirecing ones. Finally he gave up and the enemy 'Mechs retreated.

Of course we did not let them. While I steered my badly mauled 'Mech into the hangar and changed to the Ostroc, my unit gave chase.

The Crocket got hit several times on his pursuit which penetrated its armor but did not cause any critical hits.

When HOD-4 moved in to intercept the flight of the Crocket, the Crocket managed to jump behind him and let loose with all of his armament. He hit the Shadow Hawk in its weak armored back and destroyed the autocannon. Angered, HOD-4 slammed his fist in the Crockets head.

The Rifleemen turned and came back to help his buddy.

The Crocket now jumped into the back arc of HOD-3's Flashman, thereby openening his back to Pete and HOD-2. But the untouched thick back armor protected the 'Mech better at this point than his riddled front armor.

The end drew near when HOD-3 kicked the left torso of the crocket into pieces, standing an a small hill.

But the Crocket was not finished yet, and Gaucho kicked wildly at the legs of HOD-4's Shadow Hawk, damaging one badly, while the Rifleman at the same time kicked at the other leg. HOD-4's revenge was a good one though, as he kicked as well and caused a critical hit on the Crockets leg, which led to the leg caving in. Finally the heavy machine toppled to the ground.

Gaucho tried to get up but fell again. This destroyed the left arm and let to critical damage in the head, the life system fell victim to this concussion. Gaucho pilot finally had enough and ejected.

Now the Rifleman received all attention and it did not took my men long to finish this machine as well, but not before he lost an arm. Before he could get shot down though the pilot had overheated his machine to the maximum and ejected when the reactor shut down.

When I finally arrived nothing was left to be done than collect the enemy 'Mechs - and of cause Gaucho who suddenly was quite subdued.

Log Entry by Hptm Theobald von Stein, hod1

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