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Logentry 005.09

New Orders

Leximon, Marian Hegemony, 2038-07-16

When the (Union class drop ship) taxi to our new AO arrived it has hod5 and hod6 on board. The Pinguins, most of the infantry and all of our 'Mechs (including all captured ones) were ferried across to the HQ of the RCT. One platoon of infantry remained on the Knol Island Military Base for garrison duty.

As soon as we arrived an adjudant arrived to bring me and hod4 as my 2IC to the conference where all the brass and all unit commanders met and discussed the tactical sitation. When Leutnant General Thomas finished his conversation with a major, who then hurried to do whatever he was told to, the general looked at us and wondered who we were and what we wanted from him.

"Ah General, well, you asked us to come, I am 1st Lt von Stein, Commander of the Harbingers of Deafeat."

"Ah.. yesyes... Hauptmann Klein?!"

"Yes General!" Hauptmann Klein answered from behind a pile of computer print outs.

"Who is Harbinger of Defeat and why did I asked this lad.. ah..ah..."

"My name is von Stein, Sir."

"Yes, right, von Stein to come here?"

Hauptmann Klein came over to where we stood. "General, 1st Lt von Stein is the mercenary commander who did this splendid job over on Knol Island."

"Oh yes, that was you von Stein! Well, I wanted to congratulate you to this very well done job, especially for the newcomers that you are! We have a spy with the enemy who told us that their genral Zan.. Zal..."

"Zamir, Herr General!"

"Yes, right Hauptmann, well he went rampage when he learned that you defeated his company. Well, done, really... ah... I got tons of things to so, so see you later von Stein!"

"Herr General, you wanted to discuss this special mission you came up with with the Leutnant."

"Oh, thats true, thank you Hauptmann, right, we did plan to ask the Harbins, didn't we?"

"Yes, Herr General, the Harbigners of Defeat."

"Whatever, so well von Stein, here is our situation." The general pointed wildly on a map, and we had to do some guesswork to know where exactly he did point. Luckily Hauptmann Klein quickly took a laser pointer out of his pocket und rendered more precisely which locations the General wanted to point out to us. "On this line here we face the last remnants of the Intruders. Several kilometers behind their front line they have their drop ships they use as hq and repair bay. Both sides have about 40 'Mechs up and running. We regularly clash halfway between their dop ships and our position here and then withdraw to repair the damaged units. Unfortunately they seem to be more clever than we are, they manage to withdraw their 'Mechs before they are immobile. All in all we lose more machines than they do. Therefore we only just hold them back the last couple of days and saved our forces for a final assault. This is quite risky, but we need to end this affair here. Therefore I came up with this special mission thing... which ... which... Hauptmann, which of the special missions were for the defeated?

"Harbingers of Defeat Sir, it was the mission involving Zamir."

"Ah, right, well lad, von ... von... Leutnant, we engaged Tamir and his bodyguards... well they more like engaged us... we lost two medium lances... what a pitty... but we damaged them as well. Just now they are retreating to get repaired, but they surely will come back tomorrow. Now, we want you to drop behind the enemy lines and engage Kamir on his way back. On the same time we throw everything we have at the Intruders. With the loss of their commander we hope their morale will break. Hauptmann Klein, what was the thing with the helicopters and sattelite uplinks?"

"We have destroyed most of the ECM units the Intruders used, von Stein. Therefore communication is quite good now. You will be granted constant access to a satellite that shows your AO and you can immediately call a Tech who is on the radio just for you. We have three light helicopters at the ready to fetch any of your pilots that needs to eject."

"Yes, thank you Hauptmann, so you see this mission is somewhat suicidal for your equipment, so you are allowed to choose any 'Mech from your own or the ones you captured. And we also can allow you more payment for this ... "

"5,000,000 when they accept the mission, General, 20,000,000 when they kill Zamia, 10,000,000 on top of that when they capture him alive."

"Thank you Hauptmann, we thought we needed to give you this incentive Leutnant, after all you are here for the money."

"Thank you General, we certainly need that money for repairs when the fight is as tough as you expect it to be, but I am born into the Commonwealth and it is also a duty for me to serve the Archons needs as good as I can."

"That is commendable .. ah... von Schwein, thank you. Please talk to major... major..."

"Major Krementz, Herr General."

"Thank you Hauptmann, to Major Krementz for the details. Good luck. So, Hauptmann, what was the next issue I need to take care of...?"

We found major Krementz on the other end of the room and discussed the details with him. We were to be dropped about halfway between the front line and the drop ships of the Intruders. Our dropship would land several kilometers on the flank to give us a spot we could withdraw too. From there the rescue helicopters also would operate. We agreed on a time for departure and then went back to our unit to tell them of the mission.

For this dangerous mission most of us did not want to risk our own 'Mechs and used captured machines. Only hod3 decided to use his Flashman.

hod1: AWS-12-Q Awesome
hod2: golden Warhammer of Pergamon,
hod3: Flashman ,
hod4: Cheeta,
hod5: Axeman,
hod6: CRK-5003-0Crocket,
hod7: CGR-SB Charger

Log Entry by Hptm Theobald von Stein, hod1

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