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Logentry 005.06

Arrival of the Craterfrogs

Leximon, Marian Hegemony, 3038-07-07

The next day arrived the Crater Frogs commanded by Lt Colonel Fox and accompagnied by hod7. They were assigned some baracks where they also could set up their Long Toms and then cleared the base of all remaining enemy infantry. They then set up patrols. Small units were assigned to guard the entrances to the base as well as the tunnel entrances we discovered.

With the help of the infantry we also laid minefields and registered four spots of pre-planned artillery fire.

During some rare minutes where the ECM of the Intruders did not work we got another message from HQ that told us of a new BattleMech that was encountered: the Imperial Archer. This 'Mech was produced in small numbers for the Marian Hegemony only. Rumor had it, that this machine can fire 70 to 80 rockets all at once!

Log Entry by Hptm Theobald von Stein, hod1

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