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Logentry 005.11

The Aftermath

Leximon, Marian Hegemony, 3038-07-18

Zamir managed to leave the planet with two companies of 'Mechs and several platoons of infantry and support vehicles in some of his drop ships, break through the Commonwealth screen of fighters and rendezvous with a jump ship which brought him out of the system to an unknown location.

The Void also managed to escape from prison, the circumstances are still unexplained. No one knows if he managed to leave the planet or if he his hiding somewhere.

As the planet was captured and all resistance overcome, we were victorious. When everything was settled and organised there was a grand parade, with speeches, commendations and everything one could dream of.

We were also part of the parade, in repaired 'Mechs with fresh paint jobs. We were also mentioned in the speeches for our performances and Leutnant General Thomas even told us that he recommended us for a medal. But as we were not part of the regular Commonwealth armed forces he was not sure if we would get one.

Of course we were also paid. We received a massive pay of 36,500,000.00 C-Bills, which left our unit with a gain (after all members got their share and we paid our upkeep costs etc.) of 27,000,000.00 C-Bills.

Additionaly, we were able to claim the following for our unit:

* 1 x AWS-12-Q Awesome
* 1 x RFL-23R Rifleman
* 1 x LX-10X Autocannon
* 1 x ER-Large Laser
* 2 x Endo-Steel Refit
* 25 x double-heatsink

Finally we all agreed, this mission was a great success for us: we learned a lot, we earned a lot of money and got several Star League era Lostech items.

As a bonus, we also attract a great deal of attention as a unit, which surely will pay of in the contracts we will be offered in the future.

Log Entry by Hptm Theobald von Stein, hod1

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