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Logentry 005.05

Reinforments from HQ

Leximon, Marian Hegemony, 3038-07-07

While our Techs were busy repairing our 'Mechs as well as the Crocket (which certainly would would prove useful in the defense of the base) I authored an after action report and tried to transmit it to HQ. I had to try several times though as something seemed to jam radio traffic.

Some hours later HQ radioed back:

"CRACK-HISS... ah, General, we finally contacted the Harbingers..."

"Well, well, Hauptmann, give me the handset... Hello Harbingers? Good afternoon leutnant... this is Lt- General Thomas speaking, FIZZLE we have to transmit you some information rather quickly, the Intruders obviously have powerful ECM equipment at their disposal, coommunication propably soon will be down the drain again.
First let me congratulate to a job well done, I just read your reports. Your part in this war is going to increase in importance! We had some hot fighting over here, but hardly any 'Mechs were eliminated on both sides, it seems to become some sort of battle of material.
That is where you come into play. We have another spy in the enemy HQ. Just yesterday he was able to get into contact with us. He told us that the base you occupied on Knol is much more juicy than you suspected. You should start to investigate the whole base, you will possibly find more spare parts and 'Mechs. In that base is a suspected emergency storage of the enemy regiment. Among other things there should be a stolen Davion prototype, an Axeman or whatever it is called.
Our situation over here is quite tense. We have opportunities, but the enemy as well. Besides, surprisingly the enemy has sovereignty over the airspace. We can penetrate that with our drop ships, but due to the high damage suffered we cannot do this too often. What a bummer, we didn't new about them having such good fighter pilots... HISS-CRACK...
Very well then boys, according to our information General Zamir fumed when he learned that you own his base now. I guess due to the importance of the base you'r gonna get another visit very soon. But because of the high supply potential the base MUST NOT FALL INTO ENEMY HANDS! Unfortunately we can barely extract troops from their current positions and some smaller units got rather depleted...
Pay close attention Leutnant... ah... what was his name Hauptmann?"

"Von Stein, Herr General!"

"Yeah, right, so Leutnant von Stein we're gonna send you the 2nd bataillon, 2nd infantry regiment, the 'Crater-Frogs' commanded by Lt. Colonel Fox. That is an elite unit deployed to a position where we can easily pull them out. However, they possess nearly no anti-'Mech weapons. But they can help you secure the base. Additionally, they 'Crater-Frogs' have two mobile Long-Toms they will bring along and can provide support with, I hope that will hel... HISS-FIZZLE.."
Do we have contact again, Hauptmann? Goddam reception here..."

"Yes, Sir!"

"Well, then lad, ah... von Stein... additionally I will send you the remnants of the mercenary company 'Killer Pinguins' commanded by captain... what was his name Hauptmann?"

"Captain Jason Fisher, Sir, but he has only one lance remaining... just a second... a Thunderbolt, a Hermes II, a Wyvern and a Blackjack, the others of his command are no more... 'Death and Decay' had them for breakfeast Sir, but we patched the others up again."

Jo, okay Hauptmann, so Harbingers, the survivors of the 'Killer Pinguins' are sent to you as well. As I am very pleased with your perfomance Leutnant, I do not want to bring dissarray into your arrangement. On the field of battle you are to retain command von Stein! The infantry cannot get in on 'Mechs anyways, so Fox won't object and the 'Pinguins' are just attached to your forces. If you agree you get a temporary higher rank to be able to give the right orders with ... ah... more emphasis, lad... well von Stein... I grant you the rank of Brevet-Kommandant of the FedCom Armed Forces for the duration of the operations on Knol Island... and please come to an arrangement with the normal managment of the base with Lt. Colonel Fox, listen to him on this matter. Combat operations is your business though.
Ah, I nearly forgot.. ah... ah..."

"Kommandant von Stein, Sir!"

"Right, thank you Hauptmann, well, Kommandant ...ah... Stein, try to hold the base at all costs! You can use everything you find there. As you are a mercenary you will be rewarded with a bonus for your forthcoming suffering, let's hope you can still enjoy it... Hauptmann Klein, what did you come up with? Let the boy know!"

"Sure, General. Kommandant, if you can find the Axeman it will belong to your unit as booty. We heard that the factories of the Marian Hegemony produce an advanced internal structure material. That probably is not much but when you find this material you can refit up to three of your 'Mechs with it and keep some more for later repairs. Oh, and for all damage you suffer from fighting on Knol you can serve yourself with spare parts from what you find there!"

"Well, thank you Hauptmann. So, Harbingers, this is Thomas again: depending on the development of the fighting here we probably cannot send you further reinforcements within the next three weeks. Try to hold the base. We try to kick some Intruder ass here on the mainland and get the upper hand. Then we will see how to proceed. If you manage to hold Knol Island Base for three weeks you will get additional .. ah ... 5,000,000.- C-Notes as a bonus. We count on you!"

"General, Sir! They are coming! Approximately 40 'Mechs on the way 3km away, ETA four minutes!!!!! We should mount up!!!"

"Yes, yes, thank you Seargant... von Stein, I wish you all the best! Keep brave and happy 'Mech-hunting! Thomas ou... HISS-NOISE-RADIO SILENCE"

Issuing Orders

Attention HODs,

@HOD-2: Search the computersystem and any hardcopies found in the captured enemy command bunker for information on enemy forces on Knol island, possible locations of these, possibilities to ferry forces from the mainland to the island as well as any special features of the island that my help us defending it.

@HOD-4: Using the information HOD-2 discovers you are to conduct reconnaissance missions. Either there is an enemy camp somewhere on Knol island or there is a point they use to land troops on the island. Whatever it is find it and evaluate possibilites to attack/ambush/mine that spot.

You have at your command HOD-2 as well as the Killer Pinguins as soon as they have arrived. We captured enough light scout 'Mechs to assign these to the recce missions.

@HOD-3: After you made sure that all damaged 'Mechs and equipment are cared for (especially the captured Crocket, this walking fortress is definitely usable in the defense of the base) and made sure we have enough supplies, ammo etc at hand conduct another more thorough search of the base for the mentioned Davion 'Mech prototype as well as mines and other explosives. If you come across scout vehicles or helicopters we could also put them to good use. Pete will assign you infantry for conducting the search.

@Pete: All infantry personel is assigned to you to secure the base. Please detail troops to help HOD-3 conducting searches of the base.

Any suggestions?

No? Well, then dismiss and excecute!

Interrogation of Captain Fernando Gaucho

The Captain was not very cooperative and did not tell HOD-2 anything.

So HOD-2 first searched the computer of the base and found out about a second camp on the island that was used for training purposes. According to the computer files we had destroyed or captured any enemy 'Mech of the garrison.

Some maps cought HOD-2's attentention, they showed a lot of lines that ran through the whole island and seemed to originate in our base. We suspected that this might be some sort of tunnel system.

With that information and the information we got from the spies via regimental HQ we tried to get some information from Captain Gaucho again. But he still had nothing to say except some more insults.

Only when I had ordered... ah... to offer him some incentive (electric shocks, forced eyelids to remain open and blinded eyes by a bright shining light) he started to talk to us.

For the promise to be treated good he showed us the tunnel entrances he knew of. One was behind a wall the Intruders had brought down, but their party that explored the tunnel never came back.

Another tunnel entrance was behind a solid concrete wall, the Intruders never managed to open that one. I did notice a very faded sign beside it though: the SLDF insignia together with a serial number. Unfortunately HOD-2 could not find anything in the computer system relating to that number.

In another part of the complex Gaucho showed us the Axeman prototype, another Assassin 'Mech and the storage place of the advanced internal structure.
Maintenance Work

All the time, our Techs were busy repairing our damaged machines.

My Warhammer was completely repaired, but suffered a lasting damage of two internal structure points in the left torso. The Catapult suffered from the same fate but in the right torso. The badly mauled Crocket was completely repaired, but lost two internal structere points in both arms.

The advanced internal structure material we found was successfully installed in my Warhammer, HOD-2's Catapult and HOD-3's Flashman.
Scout Mission

HOD-4 and HOD-2 mounted the two captured Assassins and went on their way to pay the enemy training camp a visit.

About 60km before they reached their goal, they spotted a black Jenner that moved towards them at enormous speed. Fearing the great skill of The Void, the scout party decided to run for it. HOD-2 stumbled on the way back and fell, but reached HOD-3 and me (we set out to come to the rescue of our mates) without getting cought by The Void. Against a complete lance he gave up the chase but monitored our return to the base from a safe distance.

One hour later our scouts started a second attempt and moved in a wide circle to the enemy camp instead of in a straight line. This time they did not meet the Jenner.

At the training camp they found some squads of infantry who were quick to hide from the 'Mechs, and some small buildings. After HOD-2 and HOD-4 destroyed everthing that could be used by the enemy to maintain their machines, the two came back to the base.

Log Entry by Hptm Theobald von Stein, hod1

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